Friday, June 27, 2014

Father's Day

Sophia's party was on Saturday and Father's Day was Sunday. What a busy weekend!
We celebrated 3 of the best dads I know, my dad being one of them.
We started off celebrating Russell with a few gifts (I still had a gift card from my birthday for Target so we used that for his gifts but don't tell Russell).

We made him breakfast, an omelette, toast and an apple.
Then it was time to get ready and over to Nanny and Poppy's house (Sophia has changed what she calls them).
Happy Father's Day guys!  

For some reason Tim was never in any of these pics but he was there too and we celebrated him too.

Happy Father's Day dad, Russell and Tim! You all are fantastic being dad's and I'm not sure what we'd without you! Love all of you!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sophia's 6th Birthday Party

Sophia's 6th birthday party was held at Southlake Gymnastics Academy. It was booked before Russell lost his job. If we backed out, we'd lose our deposit, so we opted to have it there anyways.
I went super light on the d├ęcor. They provided plates, forks and 2 table cloths. We just bought a few balloons and Monster High table cloths and napkins to jazz it up.

We use their table cloths to cover the cake and gift table.

Sophia loves Monster High so she wanted a Monster High party.
They had movie seating directly outside to wait for everyone to get there (I'm assuming that parents normally sit on these to watch their children do the gymnastics lessons).

The first rotation they did was the Southlake Mountain.

They also had bars near there that they could use.

Then they sat them down to tell the rules of the land.

Then it was time to jump.....


and jump some more.....

They had fun. At least Sophia did.

Then it was cake time!

I'm telling ya, 2:00 pm is the best time to throw a party for this age group. No naps to worry about. Don't have to serve a meal like lunch or dinner.

Then came presents.

She got lots of great gifts. Apparently her friends know her very well.
Then they had more time on the mountain.

What a fun group of kids!

Thanks for coming to celebrate with us!