Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Frosty The Snowman

And this post is from early January. We went to the Gaylord ICE! exhibit at the very last minute. I think it was the last weekend it was in town. As usual, it was great!

And very cold.....but surprisingly not crowded.

This year Sophia went down the ice slide.

It was very, very slow.

Yes, I actually got in a picture!

They had an ice carver on site to demonstrate the carving process.

And of course it ends with the manger scene.

It was fun, but we're usually in such a rush to get through it that it's over before you know it.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Zoo in January

So I'm a little in blogging about Sophia. This post is from January. We got half price tickets to the zoo from Girl Scouts. So on a beautiful January afternoon, we headed to the zoo at 10. It was empty. No fighting the crowds or the heat like we usually do in the summer. 

And all the animals were out and playing (or at least actively doing something).

Here's the bench dedicated to my mom's boss who donated the money for the penguin house update a few years ago.

It was a good day. We were able to see everything by 1 just as the crowds started to file in.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bathroom Re-do

We've been in our house since 2001. So we are currently in the process of re-doing and upgrading.
Our master bathroom was our first project in our home. I painted it this goldish, Dejon mustard color back in 2002 (I actually painted it twice. The first time I painted it, it was too yellow, so I repainted it the same weekend with a darker shade).
I paired rich cranberry towels and a gingham patterned curtain (from leftovers from the kitchen curtains). I had used jewel tones throughout the house.

There I am in my pj's....don't judge. If I'm home, I'm in comfy clothes.
I know people say the quickest and cheapest way to change a room is through paint but I disagree. And the reason being the amount of money and time I spend when I paint. I spend tons of money on rollers, brushes, drop cloths, Paint (I tend to repaint immediately if it's the wrong color). And then there's time.....I'm a slow methodical painter but a quick sewer). So choose a color theme and go with that. I already had a Dijon mustard wall....what goes with that? Gray and white! Bam!
Having said that, to me, to re-do a room....start with the accessories.
I started with the towels. I added a decorative trim that coordinates with my gray, mustard and white color scheme.
All I did was measure the distance on the towel that would fit a band of color, added the seam allowance. Sewed it on the front.

For the curtain, I just hemmed the edges on the 2 sides. Then did the same on the top and bottom. Then folded over the top to create a path for the curtain rod. Shoved the extension rod through it and hung it up.

Tips on sewing with bath towels...make sure you pre-wash and dry them. I didn't and wished I had. Because the big fluffy towel ate up fabric (once I started sewing I ended up short on one end because it was so fluffy and I didn't pre-wash). The thinner the bath towel or wash rag, the better. It sewed more evenly.

I kept the candle holders I had originally. I had bought the baskets to hold the bath supplies 2 weeks ago. So they are new but still coordinate. I may decide to spray paint the metal part black but for now, they stay rusty. I just didn't want a spray paint smell while soaking in the tub.

By day.......

And the art I already had....my photos from my photog class from my Italian trip. I already had the frame. Free art!
As far as time, sewing was definitely the way to go. For me! I tend to take forever on painting (and spend way too much money on it).
So to re-do a bathroom...think towels, curtains, rugs. It might be cheaper than paint + all of those things.....