Sunday, August 17, 2014

Introducing....Cupcake and Muffin!

We had promised Sophia that once Russell found a job, we'd get cats. So, finally at the end of July we decided to look. We started at the animal shelters but the cats/kittens were either too sickly to be adopted, had behavioral issues, etc. We finally ended up going to PetsMart. They have a cat rescue group that rescues cats/kittens from shelters, puts them in foster homes so they can adjust to living in a house (and sometimes with other animals). They had 2 kittens that were about 5 months old that were pretty mellow but also got along with other animals. So without further ado, meet Cupcake and Muffin.
Sometimes it's really hard to tell them apart without seeing their faces, but this is Muffin (her original name was Bubblegum, Sophia wanted to change it to Bella and then decided on Muffin).

She loves to play!

This is Cupcake. At first she hissed and tried to stay away from Muffin. I think Cupcake was in a foster home with older cats that weren't as playful.

They quickly made themselves comfortable.

And eventually became comfortable around each other.

Sophia wanted me to post this pic of her "fort".
And eventually they started sleeping and snuggling together.

Two very happy cats and one very happy Sophia. Also, one very happy mom (these kittens are great! They'd already been litter box trained and so far have not destroyed any furniture with their claws).

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Happy Belated July 4th!

I'm a little behind on my's how we spent our 4th of July......
swimming and eating at my mom and dad's house!

And let me tell you, Sophia is a little fish now. That extra week of swim lessons really helped give her confidence.

Uncle Tim was trying to show her how to do a really big jump.

But she just wasn't getting it....

Still not getting it.

She finally got it! LOL!

Russ and I headed home because we didn't care about seeing fireworks. Sophia stayed behind to watch and Nana brought her home later.