Sunday, October 28, 2012

Atty's 5th Birthday

Sophia's B.F.F., Atticus (a.k.a. Atty according to Sophia), turned 5 this Sunday and his party was on Saturday. It was at Chisholm Park. And of course, the first thing she wanted to do was swing!

It was a beautiful day (a little chilly in the shade), but still a gorgeous day! Apollo used the Olympics as his theme because of the Olympics this summer and Atticus was completely fascinated by the diving (especially the Chinese divers).

Apollo had made up all of these Olympic events complete with a track and water balloon toss.

He went really all out with decor and had a great family team to help put it all together. Go Team Hardens/Kohlers/Guimbeys/Lunos!

As soon as Sophia spotted Atticus, she wanted to chase him.

That boy is pretty quick!

I told Sophia she should have worn tennis shoes. 

The first event....I call it action painting. It's where they're using the bottles of pain to sling the pain on the canvas. Atticus's grandpa (I think he called him grandpop) Larry that passed last Fall was an avid fan of this style of painting. So it was pretty cool that the Larry style of painting lived on.

Atty was a pro (Sophia has been adding a y sound at the end of all names, i.e. Jack is now Jacky, Will is Willy, Pa-pa is Pa-py).

Speaking of which, Sophia was MIA in the bathroom while the painting began but jumped right in.

Although, I'm not sure if she "got" it. 

But what the heck, she enjoyed it nonetheless. 

I think her painting is still drying in the garage because she used such huge amounts of paint. She didn't really get the slinging part. 

Then they had their torch ceremony, complete with Olympic music.

Next event, diving. This is their pool (bean bag chairs with blue table cloths on top). Pretty smart idea!

Then they had a marble racing event.

Atticus, Ella, and Sophia all in a row (Ella is Dyana's baby girl who I taught with at Wilshire).

Next up, the track!!!

Sophia started off pretty good.

I was just happy that she participated in everything with minimal whining.

Check out Atty! 

Then time for the water balloon toss.

Food and cake anyone?

The cake was made by Apollo.

Everyone enjoyed it!

I think Atticus got tired of having his picture taken. I recognize that look but with Sophia there is usually shouting involved. Thanks for just giving me "the look" Atticus. But you only turn 5 once. Sorry.


Then it was time to do a little more diving....

and to test out his rocket launcher.

Here's Sophia waiting in line. She lost a pony tail holder earlier. Russell was able to find it so it was all good.

Pure joy! I love those moments with Sophia (or any child), where it's just pure joy. 

The party was....wait for it....Legendary!!! Great job Apollo! And to your helpers, y'all were awesome as well. Tricia, I wanted more pics of you in there but you were so busy behind the scenes making it all work, that I didn't get that many of you. 
Thanks for having us!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Dad's 60th Birthday

I'm finally getting around to posting the pics from my dad's 60th birthday. 
Happy birthday dad (I really can't believe my parents are already 60)!
We gathered over at my parent's house last Sunday for chicken Parmesan and cake. Both were super yummy. Great job mom! 

Somehow Sophia always manages to sit by the birthday boy or girl when it's present/cake time.

Of course my dad picked the strawberry one and Sophia the chocolate one. 

After cake and presents, we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. The month of October has been gorgeous so far (knock on wood).

Even though the weather was awesome, it was too cold to get into the pool. But Sophia didn't care. She loves cold water. I don't get it. I love showers or baths to be scalding hot. She on the other hand, likes it to feel like a swimming pool. 

She got her leggings a little wet.

And it was great to see Myra. 

I might just have to steal her. She's such a sweet dog.

Sophia the bowler....

Happy birthday dad! It was a great party for a great guy!