Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bring On Spring! And Spring Break!

I'm a little behind on blogging and forgot I didn't post any pics from Spring Break. We played it low-key. We just stayed around town, slept in every day and were very, very lazy. It gave me a small glimpse as to what Summer might look like.
We started off with my routine visit to my chiropractor to keep my back in good working order. Here's Sophia in the front office. Didn't really think you'd be interested in seeing me at the chiropractor. HA!
That same day, we paid a visit to Build A Bear because they have new animals, a few of the Princess Palace Pets. Those marketing people are geniuses. Not only do we shell out tons of money on Princess stuff, now they have cute Palace Pets (the pets of the Princesses) to spend money on.

Sophia chose Ariel's cat, of course (she loves Ariel and she loves cats). She named her Isabella.

We did some reading time and afterwards she chose to read the same books to her pets.

And then of course she was super silly as seen below.

We went on a bike ride almost everyday (she calls it that). The weather was gorgeous!

I got introduced to what Fruit by the Foot means....when she asked if she could have it, I was not picturing this and would not have said yes. She has since been to the dentist and has no cavities as of yet. Whew!

We also went to one of her favorite places to eat....IHOP! This girl loves breakfast for breakfast, breakfast for lunch (as seen here) and breakfast for dinner.

She only finished half of it!
She also got to see her cousins and 2 of her aunts while they entertained her for my doctor's appt. (no pics taken).
Our Spring Break was wonderful!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Let's Go Yellow Jackets!

Even though you can't tell from these pics taken on 3/1/14, Sophia has gotten more into the game of soccer.
Her coach is really great about communicating before they go about who they are going in for and what they should be doing.  Amazing what a great teacher can do, right?!

And she really got in there.

Sorry so blurry. My hand was shaking I was so ecstatic she got in there.

More coaching!

And more coaching!

I have to say, I'm so proud of Sophia. She's really getting in there and being brave. And most importantly, she's having fun and loving it.