Sunday, February 24, 2013

My 39th Birthday

Last Sunday, we celebrated my 39th birthday at my parent's house. It's hard to believe this is my last year in my 30's. It seems like yesterday that I was turning 30. Time goes by so fast.

I spent the day in my pj's (of course).

It was also filled with me laying on the couch reading and then napping. The perfect day!
On my actual birthday, we just had a low key celebration at the house with buffalo wings and french fries. And the day after my birthday, Sophia woke up with a fever. Ear infection. Thank goodness for antibiotics!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sophia's First Soccer Practice

Sophia's first soccer practice fell on Valentine's Day (obviously the coach is a guy). :)

So after Sophia and I parked at Trinity High School, we trekked all over the campus to find her practice, which ended up being right in the front. If only I'd driven up one turn in! I'd  have saved myself a mile of walking. But that was probably good for my PT.  Oh well. At least Russell was there to call and tell us where to go.

Once we finally got there, it was time to stretch!

The lighting at this time of day is just gorgeous, as is my subject matter! There are a bunch of trees blocking the direct sun, diffusing the light. Love!

Sophia told me beforehand that she was scared. And us trekking all over God's green Earth didn't help. But once we got her on the field and with a ball, with her teammates and coach, she was fine.

See! I see a smile!

Most of the practice they did was games to get acquainted with their teammates and with the ball.

See! She's smiling and enjoying herself. Her coach made it more like mini-games to keep their attention span.

So far, there's only one other girl on the team. No worries though. I was always the fasted girl against any boy until about 6th grade (right winger). So she'll be fine on a co-ed team. I think being on a co-ed team makes the girls tougher. Or at least it made me tougher.:)

And the coach asked for volunteers for Team Mom and Assistant. Guess who volunteered? Me, meet the Hawks new team mom and Russell is the assistant coach. Which is totally cool because at least he and I have both played. But that's not the same thing as coaching/teaching and it's also not what I had plannedfor our first experience. Oh well, no one else stepped up!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Silly Girl!

Sophia has this super silly side to her that I love to see. She doesn't always show it in front of everyone so I thought I'd share.

She got chopsticks at school on Monday to celebrate Chinese New Year and decided to use them to eat her tacos.

Didn't work out too well so she decided to use her hands.

So silly!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Year, New Home

As I've said in prior posts, we plan on celebrating the Chinese New Year, which officially began on Feb 9th, although the Spring Festivals did not start until Sun. Feb 10th. 

And our Chinese New Year began with a play date with Sophia's best buddy Atticus. And we were super excited to be able to see their gorgeous new home (not ours)!

I love all the space they have for Atticus to play (we need a playroom!!!).

The kids played so nicely by themselves that the mommies actually got to chat and catch up. It was great!

We went outside for a little bit so they could use the scooters in the backyard. Great pool!

And great hammock! Every backyard needs a hammock!

Thanks for having us over Tri! We really enjoyed it. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!

As you all know, the Kaminski's have had a rough start to the new year. So our de-Christmasing the house is a little delayed. Okay, a lot delayed. Usually, we keep it up until after Jan. 11th (Russell's birthday week request). 

So February 3rd is pretty late. But better late than never. This Sunday we finally tackled it.

Yep, Russell's birthday banner is still up. But I did manage to get some Valentine's Day decor on the mantle. 

This is where I moved all the Christmas mantle stuff to so I could decorate the mantle for Valentine's. 

I'm thinking maybe we could just decorate a different part of the house for each holiday. You know, Christmas could be in the living room, Halloween in the office and we just leave it all out, all year long. No taking it down. We just leave it up. Of course then, our house would probably never get a thorough dusting or cleaning. :)

Of course, later that day, we watched the Super Bowl. Not because we cared about the game. But it's always fun to have a party and eat party food. We stayed at the house and made nachos, guacamole, salsa, and bacon wrapped shrimp. Yum!

When Sophia heard there was a football game going on, she rushed in her room to get her Aggie jersey on. She was very disappointed to discover the Aggies weren't playing in the Super Bowl. :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Kaminski's Are On the Mend!

Not much has been going on over here. We finally got everyone healthy at the Kaminski household, knock on wood. Yea!!!! 
My back is feeling much better. I think the physical therapy is really helping.

On Saturday, my parent's came to pick up Sophia to go to her cousin Will's basketball game, which Russell and I the afternoon free. So I went shopping. :) Here's a few pics my dad took at the game.