Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sophia's First Slumber Party/ Russell's Family Party

 The week of Jan. 13-18th, Russell and Sophia were on the mend, recovering from the flu. But by Thurs., I was afraid I had it. I felt like crap, coughing, achy. I wasn't sure what it would feel like because I've never had it but it just seemed inevitable. So on Thurs., I finally went to the Dr. But it was just a sinus infection. Yea! My flu-free steak continues! 

By Saturday, Sophia was completely well so she was able to go to her first ever, non-family, sleep over for her friend Kailer's 6th birthday.  We've known Kailer, her brother Kamden and her parent's since Sophia was 9 months old and went to Ms. Brenda's with them. 

They brought their sleeping bags (Sophia's favorite task of the week...picking out the perfect sleeping bag. It was Disney Princess of course). They got their nails done, hair done, tattoos etc. they even had a scavenger hunt and movie time. I was really afraid Sophia would get homesick right about the time they had to go to bed. But she didn't. No calls to come pick her up in the middle of the night. Yea! My baby is no longer a baby....sigh.

Sophia also discovered hair extensions there. Maybe you can see it in the pic...a strip of pink? After that, she's hooked and demanded we go buy more. Once again...sigh. Four years old going on 14. 

Sunday morning, Russell picked her up and we all headed over to my parent's house for his family party.

I thought I should document that Sophia has layered a pair of black tights under a pair of white leggings with a ruffle trim. There are times I wonder if she's mine. Me in tights? Over leggings? Kill me please! I hate wearing hose or tights. So uncomfortable but she LOVES it. 

I didn't take many pics on this day. After a muscle relaxer and pain pill I was a little out of it. But at least my back wasn't killing me.

Everyone looks so happy and healthy here!

That night Sophia went home from the family party and fell asleep in Russell's lap on the couch. Russell and Sophia were going to be home the next day because it was MLK day and HEB schools were out (except for teachers, in service day). But that night, Sophia woke up crying/screaming because of her throat and her ear hurting. Thank goodness I didn't have to be 100% the next day. I got up with her several times. 

The next morning they went to the Dr. (sooner rather than later after she puked). She had strep and an ear infection. Is it bad that I was happy because she could be put on antibiotics and "cured"? I just hate it when they say virus and there's nothing they can do. Just wait it out. 

So along with my continued back pain and sinus infection and having to go to work as much as I can, I had to stay home with her on Wed. because she hadn't been fever free for 24 hours. 

I know, I know. It could be worse. After going to my first physical therapy session/consultation, I will gladly take my minor back pain over the other therapy patients. And I know all these illnesses are minor, relatively speaking (compared to what my friend Tricia sees at the RMH everyday). It could always be worse. But sometimes, it just feels good to throw a pity party. :) 

OK, pity party thrown. Executed! Successful! And moving on! Hoping we can stay healthy. Knock on wood!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chugga A Chugga Choo Choo!

This post should actually come before Russell's birthday week as it took place on Sat. Jan.5th. I was supposed to go back to work on Jan. 3rd but due to my back pain, I couldn't go back and went to the Dr. instead. That Saturday, I got a text from my friend Dina who said to look on my front porch. And look what I found! Donuts, OJ, chocolate milk, my vinyl she was dropping off and a mickey mouse balloon (that Sophia immediately confiscated). Isn't Dina sweet! And those donuts definitely made my back feel better....or maybe it was just the sugar high. Thanks Dina!

Later that morning, Atticus and Tricia came over to play with the trains.

It's always so fun to watch Atticus's amazement and wonder when he gets to run the trains. Pure joy!

After the big train, we played with the the smaller EZ track one. Russell recently got a bunch of new track to make loops.

I love the way Atticus always feels right at home when he comes over. From day one, back when they were 2 ish, he just came right in and made himself at home.

It was a great play date! The kiddos even played in Sophia's room for a bit so the mommies could chat!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Russell's Birthday Week Begins

I started decorating for Russell's birthday Thursday night while he was out of town in Austin (business trip). I probably shouldn't have done all of that climbing and stretching with my back but I felt pretty good and I really wanted him to be surprised when he came home on Friday Night. Sophia helped!

Then Sophia helped me make Boston Creme Pie cupcake pies.

I used a jumbo cupcake pan to make the cake part. I just cut the muffin top off (wish it was that easy to get rid of muffin top), and then sliced the remaining cake into 2 pieces. We mixed up the vanilla pudding and put it in the fridge to use the next day.

The next day (Fri.), after I got home from work, I added the pudding in between the 2 layers.

Then I added the icing.

Sophia's favorite part was the icing, of course.

And Russell was very surprised!

The next day, both were still coughing severely (had been all week), so they decided to go to the Dr. (at the weekend clinic). While they were sitting around that morning, Sophia began complaining about not being able to get comfortable on the couch and was tossing and turning. I felt her forehead and she had a fever. So, they decided to go ahead and just go to the Dr. right away. While they went to the Dr., I got on my way to the grocery store.
About 20 minutes later, I got a call from Russell that he felt like he was too weak to drive them home and needed me to meet him at the Dr., so I did. We sat in the waiting room for about an hour and a half. Once we finally got into the Dr., we found out they both had the flu.
So much for a brilliant start to Russell's birthday week (his birthday was Fri. and this was Sat.).  I had to change my menu plan for the evening, instead of chicken Parmesan, we had chicken noodle soup.
(and Russell was able to drive home after all so we didn't have to leave his car there. I just took Sophia with me).

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Year's Day

New Year's Eve we spent a quiet night at home with just Russell, Sophia and I (which has become our annual tradition because Russell refers to that night as "amateur night". 

But for New Year's Day we had the Kaminski's over for their final visit before they went back to NY. We had rib roast, roasted potatoes and bacon wrapped green beans.

Then we broke out Sophia's easy bake oven because Santa got her some of the refill packs.

Grandma K helped her make a pizza (p.s. Santa, stick with the sweet refills not major food packs).

It was pretty disgusting. I should have known that our year was bound to have a rough start just based on that! LOL!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


During our Christmas vacation, we also did our annual tradition of going to the Gaylord's ICE! exhibit.

We showed Grandma and Grandpa K all of the trains on display. 

This years theme for the slopes was Kung Fu Panda.

But the theme for the ICE! exhibit was Madagascar.

Sophia's favorite character was the hippo.

Once again, we were impressed and amazed at the talent that it took to create all of the ice sculptures.