Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sophia The Fish

During Sophia's birthday week, she started back to swim lessons (from last summer). She started off hesitant, but she ended her first day back as a strong swimmer. Now she's hopping all over the pool by herself.

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Mrs. Anita puts her knee down there to grab if they need something to bob them back up.

First day back, and already back in the saddle.
I like the way Anita teaches. She gives them comfort or support with just a touch but she's not swimming for them.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sophia's Birthday Afternoon

Continuing on with Sophia's birthday...after she got home from school (they also had a special party at school), she arrived to a fully decorated kitchen.
She opened her cards and presents.

We got her a baby doll with outfit. The car seat...and... The pram stroller would be arriving tomorrow.

She was pretty happy.

Sophia's choice for dinner was BJ's...aka, The Big Cookie Restaurant. :)
Still can't believe she's 5.....

Monday, June 24, 2013

Father's Day....Got Distracted With Sophia's Birthday

In all of the focus on Sophia's birthday week, I forgot to post about Father's Day. So let me take a break from Sophia's birthday for 1 post. I promise to get back to her birthday after this.
Sophia gave Russell his Father's Day gift that she made at school.

Then we headed over to my parent's house. I made my dad this shirt because he's always messing up the saying "It is what it is". He always says "What it is! What it is!".


Sophia brought all of her left over birthday hats, plates etc and set the table with them and wanted everyone to put on hats.

Sophia always manages to make it front and center when anyone is opening gifts.

My dad really liked the card we got him. It played the song "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting". And he played it over an over again. I have officially been banned from buying any more music playing cards for anyone.

Then it was swim time.


Happy Father's Day!