Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Park Playdate

We had a very MAGICAL playdate this past Saturday.

It started off with the usual park activities. Slides, swings etc.

But then we went on an adventure.

A MAGICAL adventure, complete with trolls, fairies etc.

Meet Apollo, Atticus's dad, Tricia's husband, a.k.a, Mr. Creativity. He took the kids on an adventure in the "forest". He made it totally fun. He sped up so they went fast in the wagon.

They sped through ravines and ventured over the water.

And he brought equipment, the scooter and the skateboard.

Sophia totally loved the scooter again!

And she watched Atticus mastering the skateboard.

And had to try it for herself.

Atticus is so brave!!!! Check him out, head first!

Then we went on the trails.

It was really fun watching the kids try to make it through the "forest".

And then they made it to the desert. :)

And then after all that, they were in their own little world where they were puppies.

Thanks Tricia, Apollo and Atticus for a GREAT playdate! Two hours never went by so fast!

A Tagging We Will go...

So what have I been up to lately? Tagging, hanging, ironing....I thought I had more time for the Just Between Friends sale in Grapevine, which I do, but a friend (Jill), told me the Ft. Worth sale is better and drop off  for it is Feb 28th. MONDAY! YIKES!

And when things get kinda crazy in life, nothing makes me happier and more content than being organized. And since times have been kinda crazy, I splurged on a label maker. How did I not already have one of these???

These are all of my crafting/art notebooks. When I see an idea, see inspiration, I print it out or rip it out (in the case of magazines) and keep them for later.

But with so many notebooks bought at different times, I'd grab for a sewing notebook and come back with a crochet one. So I finally decided to label them.

Plus, I have a file of crafting/ art ideas that I keep in a file folder that I want to do immediately.

And my craft corner is now complete. And more user friendly.

And more importantly, I feel happy.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Birthday Park Playdate

So on my birthday, I decided to take Sophia to the park and invite "her best buddy", her words, not mine.

So we played a little before they got there.

Sophia couldn't wait to see her good buddy!

But he just didn't want to swing. Not yet at least.

So we went on a hike first.

We wore them out!

And then Tricia got out the scooter. Sophia was hooked!

Some kid tried to "jack" her scooter.

And she finally got Atticus to swing.
Good times!
Thanks for such a great playdate Atticus and Tricia!