Saturday, January 18, 2014

ICE Anyone?

I think we've finally figured out the best day to go see the Gaylord ICE exhibit....the day after Christmas!
It was dead! Not crowded at all and we could take our time seeing each display.
This years theme was The Nutcracker.

Even though there wasn't even a waiting line for the slide, Sophia didn't want to go on it.

They also included a display of Christmas in New York City.

They got to sit in a taxi.

Then we wandered around the hotel which was actually pretty busy with people checking out to go home.

Then we went to eat at Uncle Julio's. Yum!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Later Christmas Day

Later Christmas Day, Uncle Brice and Aunt Cynthia came over. They came bearing gifts.

Now she has an additional Prince to play with when she plays Princesses/Barbies.

After a while she got tired of hanging out with us (no more presents to open) and headed off to play with her toys. 

But she wanted to share her new cross bow and gun with her Uncle and Aunt.

And then she got tired of us again and headed off to play by herself again.

I'm really digging the way she can play by herself!