Thursday, May 31, 2012

A New Start....River Trails

I recently received word that I got the job at River Trails. Yahoo! I am super excited to be able to teach at my daughters future school. But also, working so closely to my home....time is priceless. But I will so miss my Wilshire peeps.

We had training on Tues and Wed, district wide. It gave me a chance to meet all of my new teammates. I was really excited about next year....until....I walked in to my storage area.


And then there is also the kiln room....


But on Thursday, I sorted through everything in the storage unit.

And started with sorting the paper....Might as well do it will save me in the long run!

Next was paint supplies...

See my sorting areas.....

Now back to my storage area....I'm hoping to uncover markers, crayons, pencils, scissors....So I left some space.

And I'll get "pretty" stackable containers, later, as time goes on. 

The craziest thing I found besides rat droppings was oil paints.....really??? Oil PAINTS???? I have yet to use them because I took watercolor and acrylic in college. Those will be going to a high school...

Can't wait to sort the kiln room! YIKES!!!!

Let's Go Rangers!

Tuesday night was Wilshire night at the Rangers game. There was a big group of us but of course I only took pics of Sophia. :)

We had a great time! Sophia wanted to leave around the 7th inning, so we left the game early. When she says she's ready for bed, you KNOW she's tired. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day: Party #2

On Monday, we met up with my family at my parent's house to celebrate Memorial Day.

We ate some great hamburgers and hotdogs and then decided to go for a swim.

Sometimes, I just can't help stalking Sophia with my camera. I just don't want to miss anything.

Of course Sophia wanted to jump.

Love watching Sophia try to hold her breath. So cute!

Guess Aunt Ro wanted to make the blog....hahahaha! Just kidding. It's an inside joke. They joke that if they want to make the blog, they have to pose with Sophia.

Russell relaxing....

Seeee!!! No Sophia and you MADE the blog!

It was such a beautiful afternoon to enjoy with family and friends!

Happy Memorial Day!!!!!

Memorial Day Party #1

On Saturday late afternoon (after her haircut), we drove to Little Elm and went to Russell's work party. It was just for his "team". 
Sophia was super shy at first, attaching herself to my leg and not letting go. But once she saw their jungle gym, she had a blast.

She was a little dramatic at times (here her finger is hurt).

And we all slept in until 9:15 the next morning! 

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Busy Week....Followed By A Busy Weekend

I say it was a busy week because it involved me, packing up my classroom and taking all of my stuff home. Friday was my last day at Wilshire. I'll be starting at River Trails on Tuesday for some special training we have. 

Good bye art room!

Then on Saturday morning, Sophia got a haircut. It was her first big girl haircut (not at Cool Cuts). She actually went to my hair lady, Carlyn.

These hair washing sinks were not really meant for little necks. 

Sophia kept getting distracted with the sounds around her (hair dryers etc.).

She almost smiled....
and look at all that hair!!!

Then Carlyn found someone that could french braid Sophia's hair.

Finally, a smile!
Sophia did really good, she was just very shy and serious.