Friday, April 29, 2011

The Art of the Matter

Funny story. Sophia has been making a lot of art/craft projects at school over the year.
This is just one weeks worth.
So you can imagine, if I saved everything since she's been there since August, I'd have a huge pile. And you must know how I feel about clutter/disorganization. So weekly, I pare down....recycle....part of her creations.
Unfortunately for me, she helped Russell with the recycling on Wednesday. She came in saying, "I found my art Mama". And I said "How did that get in there"?
Followed by her saying she didn't know. I suggested maybe it was our cat Mona, cause I couldn't bear to tell her I did it.
And she replied, "That's not nice. I want a dog".
Russell overheard the exchange and made me tell her I did it. I explained that there was so much art, we couldn't possibly save it all. She informed me that "That's not nice. That hurts my feelings. I'm not happy". I told her it wouldn't happen again. next time, she'll go through her projects with me and decide what to save.

So here are a few items I did save. Her mini- Sophia.

Her first attempt at a sunshine and sky.

Her first attempt at figurative art.....stick people.

I just love the different types of line she uses here. And this was her first day of pre-school.

More stick figures. She made about 20 pages of them.

Here, she told me a story that was going on. There was a dragon that was trying to get the princess and the queen. Can you see the dragon? It's the green blob. The queen and princess are the pink blobs.

More sun and sky.

Her scribbles get looser in some ways, but tighter in other sections. She's using different colors intentionally.

A dot painting she how she fills her space and all the colors she used.

As an art teacher, I've seen a million scribbles, but there's something so intentional and planned with Sophia's.

And this one just makes my heart happy. Her use of color and space is very unique for a almost 3 year old. I have some kindergartners who barely draw a stick figure, much less fill an entire page and with multiple layers/colors.
so glad she's in a full-time PK, with such sweet kids, in such a small group atmosphere with a fabulous teacher! We LOVE her teacher, Ms. Melanie.

Yes, I'm probably a little subjective when it comes to Sophia's art but I really have to say, I'm really impressed. She loves making things. She puts her whole heart into it. She can draw for hours, literally. I think I have an artist on my hands and I'll try to help nurture that as long as she's interested. I love this age!!!! And I love my Sophia. And no, we're not getting a dog any time soon.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday started out with Sophia checking out what the Easter bunny left behind for her. I wasn't sure whether to tell her the Easter bunny left it or I did because growing up, my parent's didn't tell us the Easter bunny left anything, but Russell's parent's did. So we went ahead and said the Easter bunny did (I had won the not wrapping Santa presents argument so I let him have this one).

She was very excited about all of it but especially her Ariel bath doll.

Then it was time to get ready for church. Sophia and I (Russell didn't want to go on Easter Sunday saying it would be too crowded) visited First United Methodist in Hurst for the first time. It was my first time in a Methodist church. We liked it. Sophia was able to sit through the whole service (about an hour long).

After church, we headed home to pick up Russell and the food before heading over to my parent's house for lunch.

Sophia wanted to help by passing out plates. She didn't realize they were dessert plates.

Then came the Easter egg hunt.

She looked here.

She looked there.

And everywhere!
She even looked in the garden.

At one point, she felt like giving up. Too many eggs to find and too many places to look (with such a huge yard).

Around that time, Will stepped up to help Sophia out.

And in the end, she was very pleased with herself and her loot. She made $12.72.

Then my mom broke out the big balls. Literally.

Sophia made sure to tell Nana and Paw-Paw thank you.

She found a ton of ways to use her ball.


(I had to include these to show her little expressions.)

They played catch.

I'm not even sure what you'd call this activity.

And then more bouncing.

Aunt Robin brought some sugar cookies, icing and sprinkles to decorate cookies.

And of course Sophia enjoyed every minute of that, including the part where she got to eat the cookie.

On her second cookie, she got her Uncle Tim to help her draw a bunny.

Next, gift bag time.

Our final activity, for some of the family, was swimming. I opted out. Not warm enough for me yet.

But Sophia was game. See Tricia, a pink tu-tu looks lovely with a bathing suit (this bathing suit came like this from Target).

They started out in the hot tub.

But eventually ventured into the pool.

And finally, what would a swim be without ice cream?

Sophia managed to get though the day without a nap. And she was in a really good mood, except for a few moody moments here and there.