Monday, January 31, 2011

Rounding Out the Weekend

Rounding out our weekend was a visit with Nana and Paw-Paw. We met them up at Red Robin's and had lunch. Sophia was sooooooo quiet during lunch. I was thinking, "Is this the same child that was just in the car chatting up a storm?". But yes, it was. She still has to warm up to people, even close family members that she sees all the time.
After lunch, we headed back to Nana and Paw-Paw's house to visit. Sophia showed off her raincoat that she found in the car (that was there from a couple of weeks ago when we had a ton of rain).

Then, home for a nap. And I'm happy to report she stayed in bed the whole time. Except for the time I heard Velcro unfastening so I went to check on her and she had her lunch box and was taking all of her play food out of it. It had been right beside her bed, so technically, she did stay in her bed. :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Visit from Uncle Brice and Aunt Cynthia

So after a successful nap time in her big girl bed, Sophia awoke to find her Uncle Brice and Aunt Cynthia waiting to play with her. They were eating the yummy apple pie that she made in her kitchen, in her Tinkerbell costume of course. It was so funny. She would fly around the house making these swooshing noises (sound effects).
Costume change! Then it was time to put on her princess costume, complete with a UNT baseball cap that she borrowed from Uncle Brice.

Then is was story time. Sophia recently got some new books from a book order at school and is obsessed with reading them.
Then it was coloring time! Aunt Cynthia was very impressed with Sophia's knowledge of her colors.Sophia is really into knowing the difference between light blue, dark blue, peach vs. orange, tan vs. brown, etc. Sophia is SO into colors right now. Russell was telling me the other day, on the way to PK, how Sophia was commenting on how the sky was so beautiful with the oranges and the purples.And she's really into matching/coordinating colors too. For example, this morning, she didn't want to wear the clips in her hair because they didn't match her outfit. And she's also starting to pick out outfits, like the one she's wearing in these pics. She picked it out. For the most part, she coordinates her outfits pretty well.

Then Aunt Cynthia made an origami frog that jumps when you hit it with a pencil, just right.

"Just right" being the key words.

Sophia had a little trouble getting it to jump. But Aunt Cynthia was a pro.
Then it was time to go to bed (overnight) for the first time in her big girl bed.
Once again, I'm happy to report that she stayed in her bed until I came to get her in the morning. Once again, Sophia amazes me.

Our Little Girl Is Growing Up

Saturday morning, Russell suggested that we go ahead and convert Sophia's crib into her toddler bed. I was thinking, "why would we want to do that" but then I started thinking of how difficult it can be to motivate Russell to do odd jobs around the house (the procrastinator that he is), and decided why not. Who knows when I'd be able to get him to do it later? But the other part of me was quite content to just keep her in the crib until she gets too tall for it. She's not a climber so that's not an issue. But honestly it does feel weird when I'm tucking her in at night, to still be putting her in a crib when she's so grown up. I was really worried about her not staying in her bed, especially since she can open her door so who knows what would happen at night? But as worried as I was, I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. We could always put the bars back up if she didn't stay in bed (which we told her would happen if she got out of bed).

Sophia discovered all of her crocheted baby blankets. I made all of them except the pink/green/white one.

Sophia was pretty excited to say the least.

Then we decided to convert her changing table while we were at it. We haven't had to use that in forever.

Sophia didn't want us to take away the top. She wanted to use it for her seat.

Then we made her bed.

Here's a close up of the quilt I made for her before she was born.

And to top off all of these momentous changes, I painted Sophia's nails for the first time. I was painting mine and she wanted hers painted too.

I'm happy to report that she stayed in bed for her first nap in her big girl bed. Success!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I've Got Some Ironing To Do

Well, I thought I had a lot of ironing to do to get Sophia's clothes ready for the big sale in March and then I got down the 2 large bins of my maternity clothes. This isn't even all of them because many of the ones I wore were not actually maternity tops but just loose fitted clothing. Guess I better get ironing.

Our Little Helper

You may ask, "What was Sophia doing during all of this?". Well, she was helping of course. :) And sleeping. I did most of my organizing spree during her nap and after she went to bed.
But Russell put her to work in the village.

I do have to give Russell a shout out for letting her help. He usually doesn't want anyone touching the village pieces. Many of them are antiques. One of these cars was $65, another was $50 etc.
Russell takes copious notes that will hopefully help him next year.  

And photos. To get it exactly the same.

During my organizing spree, Sophia found a few gems like this hat I made before she was born that I made way too big for a newborn but fits her perfectly now. It was packed away in a box of "to keep" stuff.

Drum roll please! Our office is almost back. Just a few boards to move...and the dreadmill.  It will be so much nicer to run now while watching a TV rather than staring at a wall. No I'm not kidding. The way it's set up now, the TV was moved to a TV tray that isn't facing the dreadmill. So I have to run facing a wall and listening to my headphones. Boy does time go slow that way. Can't wait to get my TV back. Even if I'm watching Caillou. That's better than nothing.

Not to mention I'll get my desk back which is currently in our bedroom acting as Russell's nightstand. Sharing a desk with Russell is like that show the Odd Couple where one is super neat the other super sloppy. It's all I can do not to throw his stuff away. Hmmmm.....I have a few minutes. Maybe I'll go clean off my desk.

Let's Get Organized!

Sometimes I just get in these cleaning/organizing moods and I just can't take the clutter anymore. So my first plan of attack was to tackle my craft corner. It's in the office closet. I get half the closet and Russell gets the other half.

This is a before picture.
I even organized my ribbon.

See these bags filled with fabric. They are projects that I never got around to. I had cut out all the pieces for the pattern, put them in a bag to be sewn later. Later never came. And now Sophia has already grown out of that size. Grrr..... So I just added them to my fabric scraps.

I sorted all of my fabric scraps by color.

This is my yarn bin. This is the smallest amount of yarn I've ever had.

Then, I organized Sophia's painting and crafting supplies.

Here's the after picture.
One day I will have an art room where I can use the whole room to create and leave supplies out if I want. That's my dream!

Next, it was time to sort Sophia's clothes. My friend from work, Jill, recently told me about a thing called Just Between Friends where you can resale all of your baby clothes, equipment and maternity clothes and actually make a good profit. It's in March but Jill recommended I iron everything plus I have to tag it and put everything on hangers. So I decided to get cracking on it. I'm only putting the best things in the sale. The rest I'll sale at a garage sale in March or April.
It was funny, because I had saved everything and had it in bags according to size. I don't know what I was thinking. Why did I keep the stuff with spit up and food stains on it? I guess I didn't care if another Kaminski wore it but I hardly think anyone would want to buy it. You can tell when her reflux started to go away, at around 6 months, because her newborn -3 months clothes were a mess. Of course some of the newborn stuff she never wore because she outgrew it before she could wear it. So I ended up with about 3 trash bags of clothes that went in the garbage.

This is the pile I'm selling. 

This is the stuff that will go in a garage sale. Until then, I put them in bags that you can vacuum out the air so they take up less space.

Then I put the bags in bins to go up in the attic. Previously, I had just put them in bags and threw them in the attic which drove Russell crazy because it was such an avalanche of clothes to contend with when he'd go up there to look for something. This makes much better use of the attic space.

After the garage sale, I'll use them to store Christmas stuff in.
Next on our list to tackle, the village.... Russell is a little sad.

I'll let you know how that goes on a later post.