Monday, December 24, 2012

Aunt Amy's Birthday/Christmas

Last Sunday, we celebrated my sister Amy's birthday and also Christmas with her and her crew since they'll be out of town for Christmas. I was a little lazy that day and finally broke out my camera when it came time for the kids to open their Christmas presents from Amy (and the gifts everyone got Jack).

Sophia was super excited about opening presents.

But Nana read the Christmas story first.

Sophia loved her gift from Amy.

There's the birthday girl!

It was a gorgeous day outside, so the kids went outside to play.

And Sophia got her feelers hurt about something.

Oh the drama! 

Those teenage years are not looking good for me.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Russell's Work Christmas Party

We've been going to Russell's work Christmas parties for about 14 years now. But we didn't start taking pics to document it until we had Sophia in 2008. This past Saturday, we went again and I thought I'd show comparison pics. 

Here's 2008. She's 6 months old here. This was pre-Doc Band. 

She tolerated Santa. But I see in those eyes a strong desire to yank that beard off. 

The best word I could use to describe Sophia that morning was PISSY. And boy was she ever! This is Emily Morris, kindly handing Sophia a balloon from the clown because Sophia refused to go get one herself (not a big fan of clowns). And she looks pretty pissed. "How dare Emily be sweet to me!"

I don't have pics of her on my computer sitting on Santa's lap (that year, Russell's company hired a professional company to do it. So I have paper copies but not digital. But to sum it up, it was the scream heard round the room. She refused to sit in his lap and clung to me, refusing to let go, even for a second....not our best year).

The clown was a no-go. She really wanted a balloon hat, but once we got close, she freaked out. As seen below.....

But she was pretty happy once we got away from that darn clown.

She wasn't too thrilled to see Santa. But she at least sat in his lap.

Although a little panicky.....

She started off tired, putting her head on the table.

She was very clingy and would go see the clown as long as she was in daddy's arms.

Oh wait, she warmed up a little and got a little braver.

She sat in Santa's lap without tears.

And was super happy with herself afterwards.

Meet the 4.5 year old Sophia! She loves waffles with chocolate sauce and bacon. And apparently she loves orange juice. 

She was more than excited to go see the clown. In fact, she asked me if she could go watch him and get a balloon hat.

She wasn't clingy, weepy or whiny.

The clown made her a balloon wand....

She was thrilled!

BUT, she really wanted a balloon hat.

And if you know Sophia, she will do whatever she can to get her way. 

And get her way she did. 

As she was enjoying her new hat, Santa walked in!

So Russell guarded her hat while she waited in line for Santa.

She got up there by herself.

Told him what she wanted.

And was super happy with her parting gift!

Especially the Rudolph stuffed animal.

While we were waiting for Russell to finish up talking to his work friends, Sophia dove in to her new activity book.

On our way out, Sophia spotted a piano.

And I spotted a beautiful I thought my beautiful girl should pose.

By far, this is my favorite age. Love this girl!!!! Can't wait to see what next year brings!