Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sophia's Improved Bedroom Space

As promised, here are the pics of Sophia's new bedroom space. Removing the bottom bunk really opened up her bedroom.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Movin' On Up

Guess who decided she was ready to move up to the top bunk?
Yep, you guessed it. Sophia. We decided not to take apart the bottom bed until she slept up there for several nights in a row. And she has, so Russell took it apart.

Pics to come of her room. As soon as I'd cleaned everything up and organized it, she started building one of her "forts".

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Big Girl Haircut

 Last week, Ms. Melanie was on vacation, so no PK for Sophia. So we were trying to come up with things to fill our week. Her going to the dentist was one of them (no cavities, teeth look great. He's actually starting to think she has enough room for her adult teeth after all).
Another thing Sophia wanted to do was get her haircut. She elected to go to my haircut place but since we waited until the last minute, couldn't get my girl Carlyn. But we got Rachel (I think). And the good thing was she's actually donated her hair 3 times, so she knew exactly what to do.


She looks so grown up I can't stand it!
Since we were a little too short for Locks of Love hair donation (they need at least 10 inches), we decided to donate to Pantene which also makes wigs for cancer patients (and they take an 8 inch min.). Thanks for the tip Rachel and Aunt Brandy!

Still trying to grow mine out. Got a tip from Rachel, Biotin vitamin supplement. Good for hair and nails.
Sophia's 5 year check up went great (except for eye sight). She weighed in at 48.25 pounds and is 46..5 inches tall. She has to see an eye specialist for her eye sight which is not very good. We already saw this coming because of her appointment early on with an eye Dr to check for glaucoma (family history). She didn't have it but he said her could see an astigmatism forming. So we expected this. Especially since both Russell and I have corrective eye wear (contacts and glasses).

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The 4th of July

For the 4th of July we walked down to this embankment that gave us a front row seat. Don't have many pics of that but I was able to capture a few of the lanterns people were launching. It reminded us of Tangled the movie (Rapunzel).


Their fireworks display was actually pretty impressive. But of course I didn't have my cell phone to take pics and Big Bertha doesn't do well with fireworks without a tripod and cable release.
Happy 4th of July Y'all (belated)!
The next day we headed home. We left Olean at 10:30 am. Got to the airport around 12:30 pm. Two plane rides later, we arrived home at 5:30 pm central time which was really 6:30 pm New York time. Made  for a very long day.
It's always hard coming back from a vacation. You're tired. You're glad to be back in your usual routine and surroundings but you miss being there and seeing the family that you never get to see.
Thanks for hosting Kaminski's!

Play Time!

Because the weather was so mild (high 70's-low 80's), we were able to spend a lot of time outside.
We played Frisbee.

We hung out on their deck under the canopy.


At this point in the trip, I think they were all tired of my picture taking. :)

We also went to a park near their home.

Ben had made these marshmallow guns for the kids to play with (which is what Anna is holding).

It took a little while for Sophia to catch on, but she eventually got it.

You put a mini-marshmallow in and then blow. It comes out the bottom.


I think Sophia just enjoyed eating the marshmallows.