Saturday, October 17, 2015

Best Intentions

My intent was to do a separate post with all the pics my sister sent me of the things Sophia did over the week when I went back to work and Aunt Robin watched Sophia. They went to NRH2O and Six Flags etc. BUT, I guess I didn't download them to the computer before my phone died and apparently I didn't back up anything to the those pics are gone until I can get my sis to resend them.
But here are some other things Sophia did over the summer.
She spent time the cats.
She crashed after staying up really late.

She went to IHOP.

And she made lots of pallets on the floor. It was hard to get her back to her bed to sleep when we returned to school.

I'll post meet the teacher and first day of school pics soon! So that means by Thanksgiving. LOL!


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