Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Spring Break

Our Spring Break was full of.....
crafting for me of course. Check out my crafting blog to see some of the projects here.
It was also full of play. Sophia stayed home on Monday and we did a lot of that. It was beautiful outside so we took advantage of the wonderful weather. She couldn't wait to go back to Ms. Melanie's on Tues. She jumped up and down and said "I can't wait to see my friends".

We also did a lot of layering. Well, Sophia did. I'm not kidding. She literally put on 6 pairs of leggings/jeans, at least 4 dresses and 2-3 shirts. She just wouldn't stop. But it kept her busy while I cooked dinner.

It did make it a little hard to sit down (and to bend your legs).

But she found a way to make it work.

It was also full of Spiderman. Sophia's newest cartoon that she LOVES. And I'm talking the oldest ones from the 60's. Instead of Russell getting to watch the March Madness on St. Patty's day, we got to watch Spiderman.

Our Spring Break was also full of blooming. Our wisteria is in full bloom! Just ignore the flower beds. they'll look better next week. It smells so amazing, just gotta watch out for the bees.

It was also full of new recipes. I decided to try some Pinterest recipes this week. Some turned out better than others. I'd planned on cooking my first batch of corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day. I learned that apparently there is a big difference between corned beef brisket (which the recipe called for) and brisket (which we had leftover in the freezer). I called Russell while I was grocery shopping to fiund out if it was ok to use the brisket at home and he said yes. Ultimately though, I was the chef, so it's my fault. Lesson learned. Next year! I'm gonna make some spectacular corned beef and cabbage. :)

Good thing we had a back up dinner....frozen pizza. I think Sophia was pretty happy about that.

(Note her layers of jewelry.)

It was also full of beautiful sunsets. 

Apparently I wasn't as adventurous as our neighbor. He climbed on his roof to capture it. I think it's still beautiful, lampposts and houses and all.

All in all, our Spring Break was very full! I was busy everyday doing things I loved, with people I love and mixed with a few naps. Perfection!


Allison said...

Sounds wonderful! I absolutely LOVE Sophia's layering. It looks like she is in a fat suit! So hilarious.

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

I love spring break and girls with their very own fashion sense!!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

I love spring break and girls with their very own fashion sense!!