Sunday, May 20, 2012

What a Fun Weekend!!!!

What a fun weekend!!!!
It started off with date night for Russell and I. Sophia stayed with my parents and her boy cousins for a sleep over.

Russell and I ate at Pappadeaux. We hadn't been there in forever. And for the first time ever, I actually had lobster. I've always ordered something else because of the cost, but we splurged. And it was worth it. So yummy!

Russell was kind enough to put together the carcass for me. He likes to do that to remind me I'm eating actual animals. Darn you Russell! I like living in oblivion where I never think about the animal.

Then on Saturday, Ms. Kay, Sophia's piano teacher, had her kids over for a party.

She has a great backyard and even rented a bounce house.

Sophia loved playing with all of her friends.

And totally enjoyed pulling her dad around to play.

It was a fun party! And Sophia (and I) had a good nap on Saturday.

Then on Sunday morning, Sophia and I tackled her toys. I knew we had to make room for her upcoming birthday party (I also knew that there were many toys that she's outgrown).

So we brought EVERYTHING out of her closet and lined the entryway with all of her baskets.

How does one kiddo have so may toys???

I felt like Peter on the TLC shows, forcing people to decide keep or sell. And I'm happy to say Sophia was willing to get rid of 3 of her buckets of stuff. Once the items are sold, the money made from the JBFS sales will go into her savings account.

And this is the felt good to purge!!!!


Allison said...

Oh man, do I love a good clean out!! That does sound like a fun weekend all around. And something tells me that next weekend will be even BETTER - just because. ;)

Anonymous said...

Fun AND productive...can't beat it!