Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sophia's First Soccer Practice

Sophia's first soccer practice fell on Valentine's Day (obviously the coach is a guy). :)

So after Sophia and I parked at Trinity High School, we trekked all over the campus to find her practice, which ended up being right in the front. If only I'd driven up one turn in! I'd  have saved myself a mile of walking. But that was probably good for my PT.  Oh well. At least Russell was there to call and tell us where to go.

Once we finally got there, it was time to stretch!

The lighting at this time of day is just gorgeous, as is my subject matter! There are a bunch of trees blocking the direct sun, diffusing the light. Love!

Sophia told me beforehand that she was scared. And us trekking all over God's green Earth didn't help. But once we got her on the field and with a ball, with her teammates and coach, she was fine.

See! I see a smile!

Most of the practice they did was games to get acquainted with their teammates and with the ball.

See! She's smiling and enjoying herself. Her coach made it more like mini-games to keep their attention span.

So far, there's only one other girl on the team. No worries though. I was always the fasted girl against any boy until about 6th grade (right winger). So she'll be fine on a co-ed team. I think being on a co-ed team makes the girls tougher. Or at least it made me tougher.:)

And the coach asked for volunteers for Team Mom and Assistant. Guess who volunteered? Me, meet the Hawks new team mom and Russell is the assistant coach. Which is totally cool because at least he and I have both played. But that's not the same thing as coaching/teaching and it's also not what I had plannedfor our first experience. Oh well, no one else stepped up!


Anonymous said...

Brings back a lot of memories when you first started playing. She looks a lot like you with her pony tail flopping. Looking forward to the games.


Anonymous said...

Look at that smile!!! So happy soccer is off to a good, positive start for her. It sounds like she has a good coach. And how fun that you and Mr. Whistle are team mom and assistant coach!

Anonymous said...

Looks just like u playing and she might have some of your moves. Hope she doesn't get red carded like someone else I know LOL -Love u DAD

Allison said...

Yay! Soccer! Fun!! I love it when a coach knows what they are doing and keeps things appropriate for the age group. Looking forward to see what (fun and creative) things team mom gets to do!

Meg said...

Hardly seems possible that the girls are in soccer! Sophia looks totally at ease - those boys better be paying attention! Have FUN!