Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas Day...Finally!

I'm finally getting around to Christmas Day! Sorry folks. I've started picture uploads multiple times but each time it took too long so I gave up and worked on other things....but better late than never.
Christmas morning started with us having to wake Sophia up because we needed to head to my parent's house around 8:30 am.
Obviously, she wasn't ready to wake up. Sophia does not like being woken up. She gets super grumpy. Lucky for her, Santa had already visited. :)

"Oh, yeah, it's Christmas. Santa came".

Stocking first..... 

Santa made quite the mess but loved our cookies! 
Santa brought her the Barbie camper with a Barbie and horse. Just what she wanted!

And the Barbie movie....YEA!!!! :(

Now on to our gifts...
Russell got Sophia a cross bow Nerf set.

And some Lego sets.

I got her a Hello Kitty scrapbook and scrapbook set.

Hello Kitty house shoes.

And a "sewing" machine.

Sophia loved her card from us. It was musical.

Russell loved my stocking stuffers. :)

Time to arm up!

What a mess!!!! 

Now off to my parent's house!
Aunt Amy loved Sophia's "huggy". Not sure what it's called. Santa brought it.

Stockings first....

We thought we had a normal and a goofy pose with our matching pj's purchased by Russell. But apparently the normal one didn't take. So here's our goofy one.

Barbie vending closet...

Her Flippee Hat....

And Ever After Dolls...

And her seat pillow pet...

One very happy and thankful girl!


Now the kiddos get to play with their toys.


Trying to merge dolls with Lego sets...I dig it! 

Once we got home, Sophia couldn't wait to put on her footy pj's Santa got her (that was the one thing she asked for on Santa's lap). 

And then Sophia got to play with her camper.....


Doing her happy dance...

Merry Christmas y'all!


Allison said...

Cute. :) Looks like a fun Christmas! Her footie jams look WAAAAY comfy too!! (Emily is all about the footed jams. ??)

Allison said...

I forgot… I also love your family coordinated jammies! Good job, Russell!