Saturday, February 15, 2014

Train Time With the Hardens

Last weekend we finally had our annual train time with the Hardens. Better late than never! Russell finally got the train running last weekend. The village has been set up since Christmas but the actual train has not been running.
We've been doing this since 2010...see the below comparison pic. They've changed so much.

After train time, Atticus and Sophia wanted to play in her very messy room.

Then more train time!

It's funny. Sophia has not wanted to play with the train at all until Atticus came over.
Then snack time and more play with Legos.

They played so well together. No hurt feelings or fighting over toys. And I got to catch up with my good friend Tricia! They will have to come over again before we take it down. And by we, I mean Russell.

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Allison said...

The village is still up? I know that is much to your delight. Love to see these two playing together. Sweet