Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Sweet Sophia!

Sorry I'm so far behind. Who knew my summer would be busier than my school year!
Sophia's actual birthday is June 18th, 2008. So On June 18th, we had her present ready. She had asked for the mini castle for Frozen (Elsa's).

She loved it! We also got her the mini cast of Frozen that didn't come with the castle.

Then it was time for breakfast, pancakes and bacon!

In my family's tradition she gets to pick her color.  She chose purple!

It's almost like it was a trick candle but it wasn't. It just wouldn't blow out.

But bacon made it complete! Cook it in the oven folks! Less mess!

That morning we went to Barnes and Nobles because if you sign up for their kids club, they will get a free dessert from the Starbucks bakery for their birthday.
Plus, through the kids club, once Sophia read 8 books (which took all of 10 seconds), She earned a free book!
Then it was off to swim club at Atty's house!

She was a little unsure but warmed up!

And Atty and Tricia even had a cookie cake for her birthday!

Then in the evening, Aunt C came over for corn dogs (Sophia's Choice).

Then we headed off to my parent's house to swim!

And do cake!

And of course open presents!

And then there was swimming!

What a crazy busy day!  But so fun! Happy birthday Sophia!

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Allison said...

Sounds like a wonderfully fun and FULL day of celebrating Sophia!