Wednesday, April 22, 2015

March at the Kaminski's

At River Trails we celebrated Word Wizard Day. Each child was given a word and they had to dress up as their word. Sophia's word was artistic.
That same day was also the same day that I fell on the ice in our school parking lot (it was the Friday before Spring Break). That Thurs was actually a snow/ice day and we didn't have school. Kinda crazy for Texas. A snow day in March??? And I happened to slip on the only piece of ice in the whole parking lot. In fact, I didn't even see it until after I fell. It was a total wipe out. Feet in the air. Landed on my elbow and then back.
Hitting the concrete cut my arm.

And the cut got infected. By Sunday night, I was miserable. So I went to the dr. on Monday. The cut had gotten infected and I had Cellulitis (a staph infection deep within the tissue of the skin).

So I spent my entire Spring Break resting and going for dr. check ups.
Sophia spent it building tents and forts. And of course bugging the cats.

After Spring Break, we got back into our regular routine of school. Sophia won the chart paper you see below (the teacher drew her name from a hat). You'd have thought Sophia had won the lottery with the excitement over winning. She had to hang it up in her room. SHe added some extra paper to the left so it's a tent under her bed.

We also had Art Show night at school. Sophia picked this work of art to be hung up that night. It's the art room.

Sophia also went to see Frozen on ice with her Girl Scout troop. Russ was kind enough to take her since I didn't think my back could handle sitting that long.
Sophia came home with an Olaf hat, banner, stuffed doll and cup. Pretty much Olaf everything. She pranced around the house with her Olaf gear.

It's at this point that my back is starting to really bother me. I keep going to the chiropractor but the pain always be continued.


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