Thursday, May 9, 2013

Soccer Fest 2013

This past Saturday, we attended the annual Soccer Fest that B.E.S.A. puts on. Sophia played in 3 mini games (20 minutes each) that were spread out over the day. 

In between all the games, Sophia got her face painted.

And she got to play on an inflatable slide.

And she got to play in a bounce house.

I got so excited that she had the ball and was going in the right direction that I cut off her head. :)

She even took the ball away from her own player, knocking him down.

The last game she played was really fun to watch. She really got in there and was more aggressive and brave.
What a great season! Not sure what we're going to do with our Thursdays and Saturdays free from soccer practice and games.....

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Anonymous said...

She did so well and learned so much. She will be fantastic next year and am so proud she wants to per participate and me involved in sports and life. Ya'll have done a terrific job teaching her that --lov u all--Paw-Paw