Friday, May 24, 2013

Sophia's Growing Up

At the beginning of May, we had Kindergarten Kick Off at Sophia's school she'll be going to in the Fall(the same one I teach at).
She was very nervous and almost tearful, especially when she found out that I would be staying in the cafeteria to fill out the paperwork and she'd be going to the classrooms with the kindergarten teachers for some activities. She DID not want to go. But fortunately for me, our book fair was going on and we'd stopped in there before the Kick Off started and she picked out the books she wanted to get IF she'd go do the activities with the teachers.
I almost thought she wasn't going to go. But when the teachers came to take the kindergartners back, I reminded her that if she wanted the books, she'd have to go with them and if she stayed with me, she'd get no books. She decided to go. Sorry no pics of that. I didn't even think of it.
But here is what she worked on while in the room:
They had these packets that they used to tell them what they needed to work on over the summer to help them be ready for kindergarten in the Fall.

Sophia can already do all of them except tie her shoes.
They did this coloring page, sang some songs and read a book.....while I studied all of this and filled out the paperwork.

When I went to pick her up, she was happy and I asked if she had fun. She said she did and they she couldn't wait to go to kindergarten.
So she got the books she picked out.
She told me that she happy that she already knew how to do everything in her packet except tie her shoes. I think she was worried that she didn't already know how to do everything. I assured her that even if she didn't know all of the stuff, they'd work with her on it. Here are a few of the things Sophia can do, so I know she's prepared:
* say her ABC's, know the sounds each letter makes, recognizes the letter and can write all of her letters
* she is reading a set of books called the BOB books. She's finished all the sets and is now starting short chapter books
* She keeps a journal at school that they write in everyday. I got to see it and she's doing a really good job with it.
*She can spell some works on her own and is good at sounding it out to spell it phonetically
* She can count to 100. She can count to 100 by 5's and 10's. They are working on telling time. They are also working on adding, subtracting and dividing.

Here are her school portraits we just got back this week.

Sophia loves art and is very creative. Here are a few of her most recent drawings.
Her and her teddy bear on teddy bear day

Superman and Supergirl with a dinosaur

butterflies, ladybugs and caterpillars

I think this is a cat

Not sure about this one.....but it says her friend Brody's name on there.
She is just growing up too fast.


Allison said...

Go, Sophia!! You will LOVE kindergarten and especially love your art teacher!! Hope your nerves settle down... change is always hard.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's almost time for her to go to "big" school. She will enjoy her new friends and new school. Sounds like she is well prepared. Love, Nana