Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sophia's 5th Birthday Party

This past Saturday, June 15th, we had Sophia's 5th birthday party. Yep, I said 5th birthday party! I still can't believe it. She's growing so fast!
She was very determined  about having her birthday at Jump Street, and indoor trampoline park that we went to in the winter for her friend's party. Due to the fact that I couldn't really do much decorating or food extras (the only food you were allowed to bring in was the cake, all other food/drink had to be purchased through them), so I focused on the cake and the table top d├ęcor.
Sophia chose a Barbie themed party, specifically Princess and the Pop Star (for those of you that don't know, it's a Barbie movie about 2 teens who meet....ones a princess and ones a famous pop star. They trade places and experience the other ones life. Don't ask me the specifics...not sure of the deets but that's what I know).

This is the cake she wanted when were browsing the cakes at Target one day. I was a little do you cut the darn thing up?

So I opted to get some cupcakes too, just in case.

Here's Sophia, running in circles, waiting for her friends to get there.

Here's the set up. They have tables you can reserve for parties. You get 2 hours of play/cake/present time. And we kind of split it up. An hour of play, then cake, then we gradually opened presents as the party goers came back to the table.
What you see off in the background is the trampoline lanes you can jump and flip/race on.

She can't wait to go jump!

Her party was at 2 and we arrived at 1:30 ish to set up, so when friends started to show up at 2, she could not wait to jump. They have a small section reserved for the little ones with a bounce house.
But Sophia loved the bigger trampolines.


My dad was quick to find the massage chair (back issues).

Sophia chasing Atticus....somethings never change.

Even Apollo got in on the action!

This little friend she's known since she was 9 months old (they were together at Ms. Brenda's).

Sophia was even brave enough to go on the swinging rope (without one of us with her).

Here's the trampolines where the littles can have fun without all the big kids being too rough. I think it's a 7 and under area...

Her cousin Koby went bull riding.

And Sophia and her friends ran from area to area.

Sophia also enjoyed going on the trampoline to jump into the foamy blocks.

So did Atticus!

So did Russell!

Dodge ball time...yep trampoline dodge ball.

The cheerleaders!

Cake time!

Thank goodness for the party attendant. He knew how to cut the cake! Yea!

And yes, there was an entire Barbie doll in the cake, protected by a plastic barrier to keep the cake and icing off of her.

Present time!!!!!

Then more playtime. Two hours is actually a lot of time at a trampoline birthday party. Sophia had a blast! Got to spend time with her friends and family! Got great gifts! And didn't even notice that I didn't painstakingly make birthday props from scratch!
Happy birthday sweet, baby girl!


Dina said...

Happy Birthday Sophia! She is just the cutest! I love the picture of her hugging her presents!

Janelle's Little Blog said...

I love it!! And...FIVE???? ;-)

Allison said...

What fun!! She looks like she did a great job opening those presents and I love that the high school guy is well versed on Barbie cakes. :) Happy Happy Birthday, Sophia!! I can't believe I forgot to acknowledge it! :/

Anonymous said...

We sure enjoyed celebrating your sweet girl! Love her and it has been so FUN watching her grow over the years.