Monday, June 17, 2013

Ross Perot Museum Field Trip

Let me start out by saying that this museum trip taught me to always check my camera before I leave the house. I rarely ever have to worry about my battery being charged, but this year I actually left the house without my SD card. I'd been uploading pics to my craft blog and forgot to put it back in my camera. Unfortunately, I did not realize this until I tried to take a pic in front of the museum and it wouldn't work. NOOOO!!!!!
Luckily, the gift shop has SD cards. Unfortunately they are expensive and slow. So all of the pics from this trip where taken with a so-so SD card or my phone (about 3/4 of the way through the field trip, my battery died....never happens to me!!!).
Now on to the museum...
Last Tuesday, we went to the new Ross Perot Science Museum which opened this year.
It's in Dallas. There is this cool staircase there that plays music based upon your steps. Kinda like the piano in the movie Big at FAO Shwartz.

They had a very small area for the little kids to play in (about half the size of what the Ft. Worth Museum has).

The majority of the time in the little kid section was spent in the country store.

If you like dinosaurs, you'll love this museum. It has a bunch of dino replications/exhibits.

This exhibit was a kinetic one. When the kids moved their vibrations moved the molecules.

Going up the escalators gave us a nice view of the Dallas sky line.

Fly me to the moon...

Sea turtle! I love when museums do this to get a sense of the size of animals. I think the museum we went to in England had an amazing display to show scale. We'll take Sophia there one day. When she can walk a lot and whine a little less. And when she can appreciate it!

They had a display that could simulate an earthquake at different levels.


Water cycles....the ice melts, slides down and evaporates and becomes a mist....

Geodes! They had a ton!

Fossil/Geode combo...

I think the natural gas industry paid for this section. It was all about the process of fracking etc. on the Barnett Shale. This was a "simulation". As in if you were to travel beneath the Earth's surface to see the natural gas extraction process.  
Now this next part was cool and was sponsored by Jerry Jones. It was a simulation where you can race a friend, while at the same time, you're both racing either a dinosaur, a cheetah or a sports star. My vote is go with the dino or sports star. NEVER go with the cheetah. 

In the background you can see the dino's feet stomping by, alongside the kids.

Here's Sophia racing. They chose a cheetah. Not good.


Even Ms. Melanie and Cara got in on the action. I would have too if I'd recently gone to the bathroom and I wasn't afraid of messing up my back.

At the sports simulation they have a video area that you can try to replicate the pros. They record it and you can watch yourself, side by side, versus the pros on a computer area.

After this, it was picnic lunch time.Overall, good visit. I did like their exhibits better than Ft. Worth but Ft. Worth has more interactive stuff/hands on activities. If they could combine both museums, it would be perfect!

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It is hard to believe u are 5 years old today. What a blessing u have been. U are a gift from God and we gladly thank him for u.U have such a sweet spirit. Hope u have a Happy Birthday and don't eat to much--lov u Paw Paw and Nana