Sunday, July 14, 2013

The 4th of July

For the 4th of July we walked down to this embankment that gave us a front row seat. Don't have many pics of that but I was able to capture a few of the lanterns people were launching. It reminded us of Tangled the movie (Rapunzel).


Their fireworks display was actually pretty impressive. But of course I didn't have my cell phone to take pics and Big Bertha doesn't do well with fireworks without a tripod and cable release.
Happy 4th of July Y'all (belated)!
The next day we headed home. We left Olean at 10:30 am. Got to the airport around 12:30 pm. Two plane rides later, we arrived home at 5:30 pm central time which was really 6:30 pm New York time. Made  for a very long day.
It's always hard coming back from a vacation. You're tired. You're glad to be back in your usual routine and surroundings but you miss being there and seeing the family that you never get to see.
Thanks for hosting Kaminski's!

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