Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Camping We Will Go

The Kaminski's have a camper that they house at a campsite that they rent for the year. And we've been wanting to see their campsite forever. And we finally got the chance on this trip. Since there were so many of us, they rented a cabin for our group that was super close. It had a full size bed and 2 twin bunk beds, a fridge, hot plate and coffee maker. 
It was cute! Very clean but the mattresses were like the kind that PK kids sleep on for nap times at school. Not good for my back. And they had a public bathroom where you could shower etc (so friends that I camp with at Caddo....this was really running water to the cabins or restrooms etc.). We always joke that we are camping at Caddo, but not really....this was camping.....
Russell and I stayed in the full size bed and Brandy "slept" in one of the twin bunk beds. I say "slept" because Russell's snoring kept her up, so eventually, she went to sleep in her car. The funny thing is, I told Russell that it was actually a quiet night for his snoring. Ha! I must have become tolerant/immune to it. Sorry least it's just one night for you.
We all set up our "camps" and relaxed.
We observed the wild life, our camp chipmunks that were right next to the camper (Chip, Dale and Freddie....named by Brandy).

Ben (Grandpa K) finally got to relax and take a break after setting up camp.

"Camping.....did someone say camping? I did not get that memo"! Said the girl who wanted to bring her dresses and skirts. Apparently, camping is supposed to be fancy. Can this really be my daughter?

Cousins! Not so identical cousins!
We decided to go on a hike.

Sophia was hesitant at first but got more brave/less afraid, the more we hiked.

Sometimes a little too brave!

"Don't go chasing waterfalls..."



Saw this random sign in the woods....wonder if there are more? Wise words!

Unfortunately Sophia took a few spills and got mud all over her dress and leggings.


Grandparents awaiting our least we gave them a break. :)

Here is Russell caught in mid act of doing his vacation dance. Smooth moves!

Preparing to go fishing....yes, this is all in one day. Way more activity than these Kaminski's are used to.

There's a public dock on the lake or is it a pond?

Cuttin' up the worms for bait.

Anna comforting Sophia during the process. Sweet cousin love!

Russell and Grandpa K got all the girls started and tried to keep things moving. But it was hard for them to actually fish on their own(so they went fishing together the next morning).

First catch of the day....see weed or lake weed?

Anna got the first catch.


Sophia got one, with a ton of help for her daddy.

I got bored and went back to camp. Good thing. Shortly after a torrential downpour took place.
After things cleared, we cooked dinner and got the fire pit going. And when I say we, I mean Russell and Grandpa K. We were there to offer moral support.

Let there be light! 
And then Russell finally gets to relax.

After dinner we roasted marshmallows.

And the girls did a dance by the fire.


Sophia insisted that she get to sleep in the camper with the girls and grandparents. The couch folds into a bed. There was some worry about her waking up in the middle of the night wanting her mommy. We all know how much of a clinger she can be with me. Lucky for us, she slept through the night like she does at home, so we were happy.

The next day...all bright eyed and bushy tailed!

"What are we doing today mom?"....said Sophia.


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Allison said...

Camping... what fond memories! Looks like you hit some of the big fun on the first day!!