Friday, October 18, 2013

Poppy's Birthday

I'm so behind on EVERYTHING!
Blog posts, crafting, name it, I'm behind. So sorry for the delay in your daily/weekly doses of all things Sophia.
Sophia has recently begun calling my dad Poppy instead of Paw-Paw. She loves calling everyone their name + and y sound at the end. Jacky, Willy, Koby (already done for her). And now Poppy. The funny thing is that if you ask her what she prefers to be called, she always says Sophia. Not Sophie. Ha!
Last Sunday, we celebrated my dad's birthday.
One o Sophia's many faces.....

We had a great time celebrating my dad. He got a real kick out of his cards. Instead of aiming to make him tear up and cry, we now aim to make him laugh the most. Think Aunt Amy won this year!

Although, our singing card was a big hit.

Especially with Sophia and Jack!

My mom outdid herself with lunch. It was a new main dish recipe (which I need mom). And Nothing Bundt Cakes for dessert. YUMMO!

Happy birthday dad! You are the greatest! Thanks for being you and keeping us all in stitches with your humor and joy. We love you!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Erin that means a lot. Yes It was a blast -it was the best birthday ever. My kids are the best there ever was and I love all of u guys so much. Thanks for a great time and being so sweet and loving and for loving me back. Thank God for all our blessings- Love Poppy