Saturday, October 26, 2013

Super Sophia

 At Sophia's school, each kinder teacher picks a boy and girl from their class to be the Super Citizen for each Six Weeks. A couple of week ago, Sophia was named the girl Super Citizen for her class. Luckily for me, my music teacher volunteered to take my class so that I could attend the special ceremony they have.
Here they are coming in.

They really make a big deal out of it and have music playing.

The teachers dance.

Here's our assistant principal and principal.

Mrs. Wall, one of our kinder teachers gave out the awards.

Here's Sophia going up front when they called her name.

On a side note, notice the necklace she's wearing? She made that during one of our crafty times. I had to do the fasteners but strung it up herself and chose all the beads.

Her class, Mrs. Hoss' class got the attendance award for kinder. with the best attendance for the 1st six weeks.

Eventually, Sophia's picture, along with all the other super citizens, will go on this bulletin board.

I couldn't have been prouder of our little super citizen. A shout out of thanks goes out to all of those who've helped shape her behavior and personality (especially Ms. Melanie....we know she had a huge part in this).

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