Monday, November 18, 2013

An End of a Season

I'm a little behind in blogging....sorry. It's at the almost end of the to-do list.
Sophia's last soccer game of the season was on Nov. 2nd. And it couldn't get here soon enough. We were ecstatic to have our Sat. back and also our Wed. practice days back. Having to do karate and then soccer was killing us.
So we were especially ecstatic that Sophia finally got in there and tried to get the ball. I had been worried that she might not ever be aggressive enough to play soccer. After many friends reassuring me to give her time, I'm glad to say she finally started to "get in there".

The team even passed a little.

Every where the ball went, Sophia was sure to follow. No daisies or bugs could distract her.


Go get that ball Sophie!

Oh well, he was freaky fast. We'll get the next one.

Look at her go!

She was even trying to take away the ball from her own teammates at one point! My friend had told me that her daughter was the same way when she first started out (not aggressive at all), but then she finally got it and played until 11th grade.

She was on fire!
Way to end the season!
Speaking of fire....
And later that night we had our first fire of the season.

We had gotten a pile of wood from a friend at work and it was great! So well seasoned! Not smokey at all.

Let Fall begin!

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Allison said...

So many great pictures! Glad to hear it was a wonderful end to the season - and that fire looks WAAAAY cozy!!