Monday, November 4, 2013

Carving a Pumpkin

Sorry so behind on posts....lots and lots of sewing, school, soccer....I feel like I'm working 3 full time jobs (mom, teacher and small business owner). Not sure if I'm doing very well at any of them. But here was a fun time we had Sun. Oct. 27th.
We carved pumpkins. We started out with the princess cutting tool and booklet supreme.
Sophia was excited!

Not as excited as she was about her Wendy's treat toy.

Russell wasn't very excited though....

And Sophia wasn't excited about the "guts" at all. Never is!

To pass the time of the digging of the guts, she kept poking herself in the eyes.

Not exactly a team effort....Russell doing all the work, me documenting and Sophia...being Sophia.

But she tried to encourage. The bad thing about the princess carving kit was that pretty much all of them were difficult and you had to have patience for them. Sorry, we Kaminski's are not very patient.

But Sophia kept cheering on hr dad. And looking cute.

Such a silly girl!

What Sophia might be thinking, "Dad, I don't think those are very nice words"...."Did dad really just say that?"....We need a naughty word jar. Sophia would be making a killing.

Good thing Russell has supervision!

And the beaver returns. Or is it a rabbit....or maybe a fox?

While waiting for Russell to finish, Sophia let off some steam.

Sophia wanted me to take a picture of the inside.

Russell wasn't happy. The design was very intricate and not something he wanted to do to begin with.

At a certain point I just suggested that we turn the pumpkin around and free-style our own pumpkin face. Take that Martha Stewart.

So we let Sophia draw the jack-o-lantern face.

Even those this pic doesn't quite show it, Russell was finally happy about our change of plans

Ready to carve!!!!

Not quite the same "princessy" result".

But everyone ended up happy.

Finally! We've carved a pumpkin. And by we, I mean Russell and Sophia carved a pumpkin. I just documented it.

She was proud and had to document too.

Happy Halloween! And no more princess packaged carving kits for the Kaminski's. Just a waste of time. :)

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Allison said...

They are detailed, aren't they?! Paul is pretty over it by now even though he encouraged them again this year. Next year... all freestyle. Well, I think.

Glad Sophia was so happy with her jack o lantern, no matter it's design!