Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Easter Weekend!

Happy Easter Weekend from the Kaminski's!
It started off with 2 missed Easter Egg hunts. I thought the lake one started at 10:00 am  per sign at the lake, but then I drove through the neighborhood and saw this sign and thought they changed the time. So we showed up at the lake at 10:20 and the egg hunt was over. We found the sign below and read the more detailed location and drove to it. Yep, their hunt was already over as well. It's weird how one neighborhood has 2 different HOA's. Oh well, I'll never make that mistake again. Sophia was very disappointed but the donuts we picked up seemed to help.

Easter morning, we started off with her Easter basket. She had specifically asked for the Peter Rabbit one she saw on the Walmart commercial. And crazy me, waited until Sat. to go hunting for her basket. The first Walmart I went to had zero Peter Rabbit stuff but their baskets were half price, so I got her the Hello Kitty one. Then I went to another Walmart just to see what they had, and SCORE, they had a ton of Peter Rabbit. So she ended up with 2 baskets full of crap. Luckily one was half off.

After a lazy Sunday family morning, it was time to head to my parent's for lunch.

Here are a few pics of he cousins.

And with Grandma Anderson.
And Nanny and Poppy (Sophia's new names for my parents).
And then a few Kaminski pics.

Then Sophia finally got to have her Easter Egg Hunt!

Very competitive!

Sophia cleaned up! She found eggs that had a total of $41.25 plus candy.

Then nanny broke out the confetti eggs.

"You better not get me Will!"

"Don't get me Tim!"

Sophia had fun!

Then the kids hid the eggs and had some of the adults hunt them. No money or candy involved.

Happy Easter Y'all!

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Dina said...

I love that Sophia had a wardrobe change! She looks adorable in both dresses!