Friday, April 18, 2014

Let's Go Mavs!

Sophia won a free Mavs ticket because she raised a certain amount of money for The American Heart Assoc. with the purchase of a regular priced ticket. So we decided to give it a try and do a family night watching the Mavs.
Our tickets were for last Saturday. It was our first Mavericks game as a family. We took the TRE train into Victory Plaza so we killed a little time waiting for it to arrive. Of course Sophia was more excited about the train ride than the game.

Note to self: Never tell Sophia to smile. This is what I get below. :)

Here comes the train!

All aboard!!!!!
We made it there safe and sound with plenty of time to spare.

Just watching them warm up a little.

National Anthem time!

Oh, yeah, here's that other team they were playing, The Phoenix Suns.
But more importantly, here come our Mavs!

Dirk does a little thank you to the fans for our support.

Game time!

We made some noise with our clapper/poster thingy. When we got to our seats they had these posters with perforated fold lines on them. After watching some of our neighbors we figured it out.

And boy do these guys sweat a lot!

At half time they presented some checks Mark wrote for different charities.

Here are the Mavs Maniaacs. Why they can't get a hot group of guys for the girls to look at I don't know. But they are funny, which I guess is the point?

And here's their drum core!
Sophia was impressed.

And notice her popcorn? She was relentless. We were seated where they come and wait on you but Sophia kept pestering us for it so much, that Russell got up and found a popcorn stand to shut her up.

Oops! I said smile! Dang!

After a while, Sophia got sleepy or bored. Or a combo of the two.


Sophia making some noise.

And being silly!

This was the point where she got sick of me taking her picture.

She voluntarily modeled her new hat. It was the fan give away for the night.

The train ride home was also filled with silliness, as expected.

Oh, and the Mavs won!

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