Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sophia is a First Grader!!!!

Sorry I'm a little behind. Things have been really hectic with going back to school (for both of us). But Sophia started 1st grade!
We had meet the teacher night on Aug. 21st. Sophia has Mrs. Jeffrey.
For the week that I had back to school training, Sophia went to her old PK with Ms. Melanie. And everyday there were tears. Super duper separation anxiety. I guess spending all summer with me was not a good thing. Normally during the summers, she always went to childcare/PK in order to keep her spot. But this summer she was with me.
But she did great at going back to River Trails. Not as many tears. Just a few tummy aches.

She's not wearing her glasses because we need to get the nose piece adjusted.

She had a great first day! She loves her teacher and school once again.

Love this silly girl and love being at her school!

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Allison said...

Cute! She is looking so much older! I think it's the short hair and clothes. Very stylish, Miss Sophia! Have a great year!