Friday, September 19, 2014

1st Soccer Game of the Season

Sophia's 1st soccer game of the season was last Saturday and boy was it chilly. It was in the 60's, breezy and misty. Definitely not your normal Texas weather in September. She's playing on the same team but with a new name, the Vipers, and team colors, lime green and black. Oh, and a new coach. This year they increased the field size, increase the number of players on the field (6 instead of 4), and they have a keeper (goalie).

About halfway through the game, an official noticed Sophia had earrings in (her starter set that are supposed to stay in for 6 weeks). Apparently they aren't allowed to play with them in, so we had to remove them. That was easy but putting them back wasn't so easy. It was painful for her and I both.

She also had a game on Tuesday so we had to take out her earrings again, AND put them back in afterwards. I suggested we just take them out and get them re pierced in November when her season is over. By Wednesday night she agreed and we're earring free right now.

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