Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Kaminski's Arrive in Town

Russell's mom and dad came down from New York for Christmas. The first night we went over to Uncle Brice's house (where they were staying) for dinner. Sophia and Russ got to play with the train.
We didn't have enough time or energy to put up our village this year.

She got an early Christmas present from them, the Outlaw car, where the good and bad guys shoot at each other in the car to add to our train (which will eventually be hers).

Then Sophia helped Uncle Brice make dinner.

Then more train time.



More helping with dinner.....

The next day the Kaminski's came over for dinner. Sophia and Grandma K made Christmas cookies.

Glad they got that cookie making outta the way. I hate making sugar cookies. And they enjoyed doing it.

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