Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Week Begins

Well, as y'all know (since I started posting last year around this time), that in our family we have a birthday week. We kind of decided this year, since the Kaminski's are coming in town for Sophia's birthday that we'd start towards the end of this week. So today is the first official day of Sophia's birthday week.
We started today because is the June birthday celebrations day at her child care providers home. So, they have a present from Ms. Brenda and eat cake, have a little party (as much as a 1-2 year old can have). So we started off her birthday week, eating breakfast in front of the TV (which she would do everyday if she could). We had one of her faves, cinnamon toast.
She wouldn't keep her barrette in, so in the next pic, you can see her hair is all in her face.
She also played a little with her cars. She was very concerned this morning that we're still missing her red car (she's started collecting the cars from the Cars movie, well, actually Russell has started collecting them for her). But she loves them. Last night, we lost one. We still haven't found it. This morning, after she got up, the first thing she did was go look in her car tray to see if it was there. She was distraught that we hadn't found it. Poor thing!

Can't remember what this face was for. I probably asked her if she'd like to go sit at the dinner table or something preposterous like that.
Then it was off to daycare.
For about 2 1/2 hours.
As you know, Sophia was diagnosed with Swimmers Ear on Monday and had to miss 2 days of swim class. She was given an antibiotic to squirt in her ear to kill the bacteria. We're already out of it cause it was a sample so I switched to the homemade remedy which the Dr. recommended, 1/2 vinegar 1/2 rubbing alcohol, which you're supposed to squirt in the ear after swimming, baths, etc. So I did that last night and she SCREAMED bloody murder.
She woke up about 3 times throughout the night crying. We'd give her the paci and she went right back to sleep. She woke up in a good mood and since it was birthday celebration day (and mama had a million things to do today), we went ahead and sent her (no fever either).
I went running, worked on her birthday dress, cleaned the living room. Then around 10:15 I get a call from Ms. Brenda that Sophia will not stop crying and she thinks she's not faking/milking it/throwing a fit. So after a quick shower, I headed over there to get her.
Sure enough, she did not look like her bubbly self (her Dr. appt. isn't until 3:30), so we headed to Target to see if they have that Swimmers Ear medication that they were out of the day before and sure enough, they're still out. Shoulda gone to Walmart.
I also decided that as part of her birthday week festivities, we could go see if they had the red car she had lost. And they did.
We drove through the drive through at Starbucks, so I could get my caffeine fix and Sophia could have a cup to play with. She loves to play with cups with straws (it had water in it).
She looks pretty happy right? But every 5 minutes, she's crying about something.
Once we got home and had lunch, we got out 2 new toys from Ms. Brenda and Adrian.
Ms. Brenda got her a puppy with the puppy carrier (which she loves). Adrian got her a new Little People car (which she also loves).
So right now, its 2:17. I've had to fight to get Sophia to take a nap. I think she might actually be sleeping right now. No noise is good noise.
Then at 3:30, we'll be heading to see the Dr. again. Nothing special planned for this evening. I'm sure the Dr. is going to tell us not got to swimming again. In fact, I'm afraid she might have to miss her graduation day, tomorrow. Booo ear infections/swimmers ear.
What a crazy start to her birthday week! Let's hope it gets better!


Anonymous said...

Birthday week...what a great tradition! I hsat that Sophia is not feeling well. Boooooo. But her dress sure is pretty!

Anonymous said...

That's supposed to be hate: I hate that Sophia is not feeling well.

Meg said...

I'm sorry Sophia had a rough start to birthday week but I hope BIRTHDAY!!! is a fun one! It will be fun to have more family to celebrate with! Go away germs!