Sunday, June 20, 2010

You Are O-Fish-ally Invited to Sophia's 2nd Birthday

For Sophia's Family Birthday Party, we did a Finding Nemo Theme. Sophia just LOVES that movie.
We were really glad that almost all of her immediate family was able to come. We were just missing Brandy and Cameron.

This is the dress I made for Sophia to wear on her special day.

She was sooo excited when she saw everything and everyone arrived.
My sister Robin made the awesome cake you see here. Great job Robin!!

I used a punchbowl from Pier 1, that to me, resembled a fish tank. I used green and blue jellybeans to cover the bottom to look like the gravel in a real aquarium. The punch is just blue Kool-Aid. There are a few gummy fish in there too.

I made PB & J's in the shape of fish using a fish cookie cutter.

We did submarine sandwiches to go with our under the water theme.

The table centerpieces
A bucket filled with flip-flops and leys, a little sand from Target sprinkled on the table, and the shells came from our trip to a S. Carolina beach in 2007

I don't know if Sophia knew what to think.

You can actually buy starfish at Hobby Lobby...who knew?

Aunt Robin, Uncle Tim, Koby and Will with Sophia

Grandma and Grandpa K (Russell's parents), Maddie and Anna with Sophia (their parents couldn't come down for the trip...actually Anna told them they couldn't come because she wanted time with her grandparents)

Paw-Paw, Nana (my parents) with Sophia


Aunt Cynthia, Anna, Maddie, and Uncle Brice with Sophia

Sophia with her girl cousins

Sophia with her boy cousins

Sophia eyeing her presents.
Sophia got a bunch of really cool stuff. Now we need to make room for it all.

Let's eat cake!
Sophia knows how to blow on her food and started to blow on the candles but she didn't quite get the concept of blowing them out. So I helped.
The cake was yummy!

Then she got her hands dirty and didn't like it for some reason.

Now time for the pinata.
Sophia got the first hit but was using the wrong end of the bat.

Let's just say that this was one strong pinata!

Then it was time for swimming!

Thanks to everyone who made this day possible: to the Lisby's for letting us use their house to stage this awesome party, to the Kaminski's for driving all the way down to Texas from New York with 2 little playmates for Sophia, to Robin for doing an awesome job on the cake, to Tim for taking pics when I couldn't, to Russell for being Sophia's handler for the day, and to everyone else, it wouldn't have been the same without your happy faces.
We love you!
Happy birthday Sophia!


Joanne said...

Yea! Happy birthday Sophia!!! Great job on the party Erin! Love the fish bowl punch!

Anonymous said...

Where to begin?! That cake is fantastic, as are the decorations...from the seashells to the punch bowl to the starfish and the sand. Absolutely perfect!
P.S. Wicked mad rhymes on the invitation, too!

Anonymous said...

You made my eyes rain. That was such a sweet letter. Thank you and I really am proud of you and your sisters. Ya'll have turned out pretty good in spite of me and you can always have Sophia's party at our house. It was truly a blessing and I promise to wear a shirt with sleeves next time. I was just trying to get in the mood. Nascar was on TV yesterday, you know--Lov Ya--Dad

Janelle's Little Blog said...

Wow Erin! What a fun party! Love the decor--especially the fishbowl/punchbowl! Fun, fun birthday week for Miss Sophia!