Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No More Pictures

Her childcare provider, Ms. Brenda's electricity went out on Monday night around 9 p.m. By Tuesday at 7:00 am it was still off. So that meant she had to shut down daycare for the day.
So, Sophia was home with me for the day. So one of the things we did since it was so nice outside (cloudy, not too hot and not raining) was blow bubbles. Of course I brought my camera along. I was trying to get some new pics to work with for my photoshop class.
But apparently Sophia was tired of the camera.

It started out fine.


Here's where things start to turn.

Here's where she got tired of the camera.
Can you read her lips? She was saying "STOP!".

And of course I had to take a few pics of her yelling and being dramatic.
But she did bring something to my attention that I didn't think she'd notice for a while. That I take a billion pictures.
I guess subconsciously, I think if I don't capture it with my camera, I'm somehow not going to remember it 30 years from now and therefore, it didn't happen or exist??
I'm no shrink here, but I'll be the first to admit I take way too many pictures....of Sophia. I need to start going back to my pre-Sophia subject matter. Or find something new to photograph. At least for a little while so I can give Sophia a break.
I do know this from a past experience. I forgot my camera for a swimming playdate and I think I enjoyed it more without the camera. I could just enjoy the people around me and concentrate on Sophia. Well, I guess there are worse things to be addicted to. Right?


Anonymous said...

She is so expressive! How could you NOT photograph her?! And yes...there are definitely worse things to be addicted to!

Lori said...

I have the same addiction.... I know exactly what you mean

Janelle's Little Blog said...

AGREE with Tricia...her expressions are priceless.

TLEB said...

I also have the same addiction! Let me know what you do to cure it :) Your pictures and subject are so great - how can you not take a ton??

Allison said...

Keep taking pictures... :D

Meg said...

Can NEVER have too many pictures! I DO have a room in my house devoted to photo storage....CD's will take up much less room and Sophia will LOVE them when she's older! Ask Allison!

Joanne said...

Our kids are a whole generation of people constantly inundated with paprazzi, or should I say mamarazzi? Oh well, they'll be thankful for the pictures when they grow up. I hope.