Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Mom (Nana)!!!!

August 5th was my mom's (Nana's) birthday so we celebrated it this past Sunday.
That morning I iced the chocolate cake that she'd requested. Sophia was so excited when she saw the cake and wanted a piece immediately. I told her no, that she could have a piece at Nana's, but I promised that she could lick the knife that I was using to ice the cake (which she loved).
Once she had licked all the icing off, she wanted more but we didn't have anymore. I was turned around (away from her) doing dishes and when I turned back around, this is what I saw.

She'd gotten more icing...but from where?
Oh, the cake. That's right! She dug the knife right into the cake. Stinker!
I couldn't help but laugh and it was so cute, she kept saying "I'm sorry" over and over again. But I knew she really wasn't.
So after everyone got ready, we headed to Nana and Paw-Paw's house for Nana's birthday party.

It's hard to believe my mom turned 58. I think she looks way younger than that but maybe I'm partial.
And Sophia was happy because she finally got a piece of cake and some ice cream.
For some reason, my mom broke out the cowboy hats they had leftover from Vacation Bible School. So we all put them on. What's a party without a party hat?

Whenever anyone opens presents, Sophia loves being front and center.

Then it was time for the pool (with loads of sunscreen). The good thing is, my parent's pool is usually shaded on at least one side. By 3, it's entirely covered in shade.
Sophia managed to get ice cream from Paw-Paw.
Then she wanted some of his.

And eventually, took it over.

Happy Birthday Mom (Nana)!
We love you!


TLEB said...

What a fun birthday party - she does not look 58! You have some great genes Erin! Lucky that the pool has so much shade - we have all been getting too much sun in my family lately!

Janelle's Little Blog said...

Agreed...Nana looks GREAT! Love your little stinker!

Allison said...

Love the cake story. Happy Birthday to your mom!! I am guessing you didn't have chicken spaghetti... or did you?!
And now, after reading this post, I want chocolate. Better yet, I want ice cream! Maybe a drumstick even!

Anonymous said...

Erin! Sophia really IS Swiper! I am laughing out it! And yes, your mom does look great at 58!

Joanne said...

That is my brother's birthday too! But I digress... fun party hats! My girls like to be front and center for birthday presents too. So cute that Sophia kept saying sorry- sweet!