Sunday, August 22, 2010


Sorry it's been a while since I've posted anything. Things have been hectic over here. As you all know, I had surgery on my face to remove a cancerous spot. So, I've been healing from that. Plus, I started back to work on Monday. And more importantly, Sophia has moved up to Ms. Melanie's PK program. So she's officially going to PK now. What we love about this is that it's very organized and structured. They have an art teacher, a Spanish teacher, computer teacher, music teacher (and piano teacher), and a PE teacher that all come in periodically and do special lessons with them through out the year. Plus, she'll be going to gymnastics at Sunbelt Gymnastics in Grapevine. Ms. Melanie uses a great curriculum that really prepares the kiddos for kindergarten (and she's a certified teacher).
She is adjusting quite well. She didn't even cry at all the first day. The 2nd day was a different story but I think the problem is that they are sooooo active all day long with different activities that she's just worn out. At night, we can start to see her fading fast around 6:30. In fact, Ms. Melanie was quite surprised that Sophia takes such long naps, 2-3 hours. The kids there average about an hour and half nap.
Wednesday - Friday, she was fabulous! She shared. Went without accidents. And most of all, she's excited to go each morning.
On Friday, Sophia and I attended the graduation ceremony of all of the kiddos going off to kinder. at Ms. Melanie's PK. Ms. Melanie does a ceremony with actual cap and gowns. We sat through a 30 min. slide show and Sophia started getting restless. I tried to get her to settle down by telling her that we'll be having cake in just a minute, thinking that there was cake in the kitchen. And it worked. She was so great the rest of the time. However, when we got to the kitchen, there was no cake (which was smart with all those kiddos), just cookies. You should have seen the look on Sophia's face. You'd have thought I'd just taken away her birthday or something. So before she went into fit mode, I promised her we'd make a cake at home tomorrow and she could help me make it. Crisis averted.
The next day, when we were getting ready to go grocery shopping, she kept saying cake, cake, cake. No, my little darling did not forget my promise of cake. So needless to say, we made cake that afternoon (cupcakes that is). She chose chocolate, of course. She was also a really good helper and helped pour the ingredients in the bowl and even cracked an egg too.
The funny thing is, she was more about the icing than the cake. I was icing the rest of the cupcakes while she ate hers and she kept asking for more icing. In fact, I ran out and couldn't ice all of the cupcakes.

Also, as far as updates go, here are a few new things Sophia has started doing:
She's learned how to lock and unlock the front and back doors. In fact, she locked Russell out one night when he went to move a sprinkler.
We've started using a mat and an egg timer for time outs and it's working great. She actually sits there and waits for the timer to go off. It's kind of ironic with all of the crosses and the rosary beads (one of the crosses is from St. Patrick's in Ireland and the rosary I got in Rome and was blessed by the Pope).
But it was the best place with little distraction and nothing to play with.
She said what I consider her first "real" sentence a couple of weeks ago, which was " Can I get down please?". She's said fragmented sentences before but this one was enunciated crystal clear and is grammatically correct.
She can count to 3 for sure but then will throw in random numbers like 6 after that.
Her potty training is back on track. She's even doing it at home regularly again. We're still not in big girl underwear yet but I have a feeling she will be very soon.
Well, that's all I have for now. Need to go get caught up on all my blogs. I read them from my phone but have yet to figure out how to comment on the from the phone. :(


Allison said...

Did I ever ask you how Sophia's first week was? I know I was on my way to do just that one day... SORRY. My brain.
Love the update, Miss Sophia is a busy little girl and I am SOOOOO happy to hear that she is enjoying Ms. Melanie! That sounds like a great place for her to be!
I totally get Sophia's preference for icing and the pics are fab - she looks just as happy as can be!

TLEB said...

So is Sophia at the same day care provider - or is this a new place since she is older? It sounds fabulous - I can't get over all the specials people that come - wow!! And good for her for making it through the week so well. Good luck at school tomorrow, Erin!!