Sunday, August 29, 2010

What a Week!!!!

These are pics from Sophia's first day of PK which was on the 16th.

You can see her friend Brody waiting for her inside.

Ms. Melanie is helping her find the right cubbie to put her shoes in.

The seconda week went great except for the fact that she cries every morning before we go. But as soon as Russell drops her off, she's off and running to play.
She did much better than I'd anticipated. I expected more "bad" reports maybe of her not sharing or being aggressive. But she's really improved in those areas. What she needs to work on is using her words. She gets so frustrated when she can't do something or something isn't going exactly her way, so she'll throw a mini tantrum. We're working on that.
This past week was also my first week back with the kids. It went really well, crazy, but I enjoyed it. Here's a current pic of my face without makeup. Makeup really helps cover the pinkish, redness. So unless it's swollen, you can barely tell.

Here are a few pics of Sophia swimming last Sunday. We'd gone over to my parent's house for a swim in the afternoon. The water was so warm, I felt like I was swimming in bath water.


Allison said...

So glad she is enjoying her new school... bummer about the crying though. Also happy to hear you had a good first week... your face looks like it is healing well!!

TLEB said...

Your face looks great - I'm glad you are healing well. I'm also glad both you and Sophia had a good first week back at school!