Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Trampoline Story

In order to help out all of our relatives, I created a wish list for Sophia on, to give them ideas of what she might like. This year I put this trampoline on there. It came highly recommended. Aunt Brandy texted me to tell me that they were getting her the trampoline.

So one night the week of Christmas, a package arrived. I was on my way out the door to have dinner with friends so I suggested that maybe daddy could put the trampoline together (in order to distract Sophia from crying as I left).

So I was quite surprised when I called Russell to check on things, to hear that Sophia doesn't have a trampoline but a "big wheel". We thought maybe Aunt Brandy had changed her mind about what she was getting her. So Russell went ahead and put it all together and they called to tell Aunt Brandy thank you.

Aunt Brandy was distraught. This was not what she had ordered. But try taking away a "big wheel" from a 2 year old. So Aunt Brandy called Amazon and we got the trampoline the next day.

Two days later, we got another trampoline. Yep, they sent us 2 by mistake. They weren't charged for 2 so now we're not sure what we're supposed to do with this extra one. Send it back?  What a saga! But Sophia loves both new toys!

Thanks Aunt Brandy, Uncle Cameron, Maddie and Anna!

Sophia calles this her bike.


Allison said...

Sounds like a good problem to have. I have a solution. Wrap the unopened trampoline in brown paper and ship it to me! I'll pay the shipping! Yeah?

Anonymous said...

Happy jumping (and riding), Sophia!

Janelle's Little Blog said...

What fun!! I needed one of those when my kiddos were young! ;)