Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Little Helper

You may ask, "What was Sophia doing during all of this?". Well, she was helping of course. :) And sleeping. I did most of my organizing spree during her nap and after she went to bed.
But Russell put her to work in the village.

I do have to give Russell a shout out for letting her help. He usually doesn't want anyone touching the village pieces. Many of them are antiques. One of these cars was $65, another was $50 etc.
Russell takes copious notes that will hopefully help him next year.  

And photos. To get it exactly the same.

During my organizing spree, Sophia found a few gems like this hat I made before she was born that I made way too big for a newborn but fits her perfectly now. It was packed away in a box of "to keep" stuff.

Drum roll please! Our office is almost back. Just a few boards to move...and the dreadmill.  It will be so much nicer to run now while watching a TV rather than staring at a wall. No I'm not kidding. The way it's set up now, the TV was moved to a TV tray that isn't facing the dreadmill. So I have to run facing a wall and listening to my headphones. Boy does time go slow that way. Can't wait to get my TV back. Even if I'm watching Caillou. That's better than nothing.

Not to mention I'll get my desk back which is currently in our bedroom acting as Russell's nightstand. Sharing a desk with Russell is like that show the Odd Couple where one is super neat the other super sloppy. It's all I can do not to throw his stuff away. Hmmmm.....I have a few minutes. Maybe I'll go clean off my desk.


Allison said...

Glad you life is getting back in order! Those little 2.5 year olds really are quite serious helpers... even when you don't want them to be, right? Enjoy your run with Caillou!!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Russell is impressive, too! Taking notes- cool!