Monday, January 10, 2011

Choo-Choo! The Running of the Train

This past Sunday morning, we invited Atticus and Tricia over to see the train run in it's full capacity (they'd come over during the Holidays after work one day, but I was running it and they didn't get the full show). So they came back on the weekend so Russell could run it and show them all the bells and whistles.

Earlier that morning Russell showed Sophia how to run the train so she could have a little practice and also so she'd be more likely to take turns when Atticus arrived. Also, earlier that morning, Sophia insisted that she wanted to be a princess so we put on her princess dress.

I think Atticus was in awe!

I'm pretty proud that Sophia can run the train better than I can.

Then it was Atticus's turn. He was a pro too!

It was so sweet. At this moment he looked up at Russell and said "Happy Birthday Russell". No prompting. Just popped into his head.

Atticus was very focused and took his conductor role very seriously.

He loved the coal loader.

It was a little slow but once it gets warmed up, it runs great!

The cattle car and barrel loader were pretty cool too but I think the kids favorite was the coal loader because you get to hit a switch and dump the coal.

Sophia is trying to show Atticus her doll Grace. He was so funny. He wanted nothing to do with the doll because he was more interested in the train. Who can blame him? I think Sophia forgets that not everyone has a train at their house to play with.
 It was funny. After they left, she said "Atticus hurt my feelings". I asked why and she replied "Cause he didn't want to look at my doll". I think it's so nice to hear her tell me how she feels instead of just cry. Of course, Atticus didn't mean to hurt her feelings. But try explaining that to a 2 year old.

The milk car wasn't working while they were here. But once they had gone and Russell tinkered with it, it started to work. So they'll have to come back next year to see the milk car in action.

I think Russell had just as much fun as the kids.
Thanks for coming Atticus and Tricia! We enjoyed it. You'll have to come back next year!


Allison said...

Poor Princess Sophia! Very nice of her to be using those words though and have some concept of the whole hurt feelings issue. Good to be ready young because it happens more than we'd like. As always the train looks fabulous - so many cool tricks it can do!

Meg said...

The pictures of their faces tell the story! Atticus was totally wrapped up in that train! Fun for Sophia, someday she'll realize how special it is and love even more to show it to her friends!!

Anonymous said...

This was such a cool experience for Atticus AND for me!!! Trust me when I say I was just as impressed with the train set as Atticus. I mean, come on...that coal loader?! WAY cool! Russell was so patient and sweet with Atticus, letting him push the buttons, "steer" the train, "blow" the whistle. And Sophia with her sharing...she's an expert. We thank you so much and can't wait to be invited back next year!
P.S. I thought Baby Grace was just precious.