Monday, April 11, 2011

Uncle Brice's Birthday Party

For Uncle Brice's birthday party, we headed to Haslet, to his friend Kathy's house. She lives on some acreage with I believe 33 horses (mostly miniature). They usually have a bonfire but since there was a fire ban and super windy, the bonfire part was canceled.
But Sophia did get to see the horses.
There's Kathy, feeding the horses.

And Sophia helping.

There's the baby horse. She's only 9 days old.

I was so proud of Sophia. She wasn't afraid at all to pet them or feed them. Maybe having the fence between them helped.

And she was even unafraid around the dogs. Granted, they were MUCH smaller than Dude, her only frame of reference.

She even enjoyed chasing this poor dog around. Poor Ruby, the dog.

Gig 'Em! Her Uncle Brice was trying to get her to say gig 'em and hold her thumbs up. But it was not going to happen.

Then Uncle Brice broke out the silly putty.

And it DOES bounce!

What a fun night! And Sophia was on her best behavior. Must have been because she napped until 5:30. We didn't get home until almost 10.
Sadly, she still woke up at 7 a.m. And of course it was my turn to wake up with her. Figures!

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