Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Full Week!

So what did we do this week?
Well,it was full of chocolate. 
 Sophia got a shipment of chocolate (a chocolate bunny rabbit) from her Grandpa and Grandma K, which she thoroughly enjoyed (and I did too, she actually shared his ears).

It was full of drawing, writing and coloring.

I was pretty impressed with Sophia's scribbles. To stay in a somewhat straight line like that takes skill.

It was full of band aids (not actually shown in the pic). Sophia's big toe lost part of a toe nail and nasty fall in a Chick-Fil-A parking lot meant she got multiple Princess band aids.

It was full of cute outfits and hair styles chosen by her.
It's so weird! By the time it hits 8 am on weekends, she demands to change clothes. She no longer wants to lounge in pj's. :( Is she really my kid?? Oh yes, she loves chocolate and art.

It was full of shopping.
 We got a few things that needed replacing around the house like our Rubbermaid containers and bed pillows. Sophia wanted her own pillow. So we indulged. She's been using her pillow pet for a while now in bed, so we figured, what the heck. Why not?

It was full of chocolate goldfish, Sophia's latest discovery.
And yes, they are yummy!

It was filled with lots and lots of clips.

Yep, tons of clips.

It was filled with decorating for Spring, which Sophia helped with (mostly holding things while I put stuff up).

And it was full of Sophia eating vegetables, uncoerced, bribed, or bullied. And she asked for more.

It was full of nature, although it was all indoors at the Mall.
Remember, it was also full of shopping.

And it was full of pictures. Here's a few that Sophia took.

She somehow managed to figure out the timer to take a self portrait.

Like I said, it was a full weekend! And this was just the portion that was photographed. There was still running, cleaning and cooking. :)


Anonymous said...

Love all those clips! And her purple dress with her pink boots? Very stylish!

Janelle's Little Blog said...

Yes, very stylish, indeed! :) Love the clips!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Aww, I just love this kid! It is so fun to look back at your blog and watch her little personality.. ummm big personality develope! She is amazing... good job mama!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Oh, and this former literacy coach is VERy impressed with the writing. Really- it s a very good sign or indicator as we call it!