Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tu-Tu Cute

My friend Tricia had said she wanted to have a pink tu-tu for her 40th birthday. I didn't know how to make one but I did a little research and made a practice one for Sophia as seen on my other blog Kaminski's Creations. I finally finished it this weekend and also found a tiara. I gave it to her last night at bunko (a little early since her birthday isn't until the 30th but she is taking a trip to Hawaii for her birthday). I think she has the right idea about turning 40. I need to start saving up for a big trip too.

I'm pretty sure she loved it even though it was a little full.

We thought it was cute that she matched our bunko doll, Flat Donna (long story).

Happy early birthday Tricia! You make turning 40 look good (and fun)!


Allison said...

That she does!

Anonymous said...

Cannot thank you enough, Erin! I love, love, love it, and you can never have too much tulle. It's truly perfect. You are a sweet and thoughtful friend...not just because of the tutu, but always.

Joanne said...

It looks great! Tricias been asking for a tutu forever- I'm so glad she got her wish! Now I dare her to wearbit in Hawaii! I want to see pictures of you in your tutu on the beach Tricia!

Janelle's Little Blog said...

Love. :)

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Super cute! What a fun gift!

Dina said...

Tricia looks so cute!! Great job on the tutu!