Monday, August 29, 2011

A Busy Saturday

Saturday turned out to be a very busy day. Probably because we slept in until 9:20. Yep, Sophia went to bed later than usual the night before and slept until 9:20. And it was Russell's turn to get up with her, so I slept until 9:45. Which is a great feeling, but then I realized that if I was going to get our bathrooms and bedrooms cleaned before we left to go to a birthday party later that afternoon, I was going to have to move a little bit faster. The bathrooms and bedrooms did get cleaned. But then I had to hurry up and shower, get ready, get the present ready, etc. We were rushing around all morning. So even though it felt great at the time to sleep in, it didn't feel so great having to rush around.

But we finally made it out the door and to the party. Cale is Sophia's friend from PK and he turned 4. We were all very thankful it was an indoor party at Sunbelt gymnastics. They do tumbling activities while we watch from a room above the gym. Then they come upstairs to join us and have cake.

There's Cale!

Now the coolest part of this party, for me, was watching the person who worked there cut the cake. Look! She sticks a row of forks in.

Cuts it down the side.

Then cuts across and uses the fork to help lift the piece of cake on to the plate.


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kristy said...

lol- that is a grat idea!!